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Confusion with 'Would" [duplicate]

What could be the possible meaning of the sentence?: "If you would agree to my conditions, I would give you compensation." I would highly appreciate your response.
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Subject–verb inversion in a conditional’s protasis: does that mean it happened or not?

Does Had there been no support from others, I would not have asked him for help. mean the speaker did ask for help or that they did not do so?
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When can a "first conditional" be mixed with the "second"? [duplicate]

From my own research, I have seen people say that the first conditional cannot be mixed with the second, or the zero with the second. I have some example sentences, however, which I took from an essay ...
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Usage of "if you would"

In a recent conversation the following sentence came up: I would be honored if you would join me there, {name}. A friend of mine stated that this is grammatically wrong and the correct way ...
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Are "If I could" clauses always followed by "would"?

I always see If I could ... I would. For example, If I could speak English, I would go to English-speaking countries. Is there a rule against a conditional clause which contains could, being ...
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English Conditionals and "would"

I'm having a discussion with my wife on English conditionals. She says we cannot have "would" in a hypothetical if statement: If I would want to change my address, should I let you know? She says ...
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Does an inverted protasis mean just plain “if”, or does it mean “even if”?

When the first part of a conditional’s if-clause is inverted and the if consequently dropped, is the missing if just a plain old “simple if”, or is it more of an “even if”? For example, in this ...
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"Supposing Jane ______ with us, what would you do?"

In this sentence: Supposing Jane ______ with us, what would you do? The available options for filling in that blank were: would come came will come has come is coming Could I know which is ...
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Is it grammatical to use "would" twice in a sentence? Why? Please consider the following examples [duplicate]

Is "would" used correctly in these sentences? I would not be surprised if you would lose. I would not give you the weapon if you would use it to harm others.
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"If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon..."

There is an old quotation attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson: If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mouse-trap than his neighbour, tho' he build his house in the ...
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Can a remote conditional have "might" in the protasis?

In the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language by Huddleston and Pullum, the authors write: A remote conditional must have a modal auxiliary as the apodosis verb (usually would, should, could, ...
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