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Which one would fit better in this context between present continuous and present perfect continuous?

It is from official standard English test. The question is like below. Fitness enthusiasts may feel that their workouts are no longer as effective as they were. When an individual ______________ for ...
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Present continuous and "going to" form

I have a question regarding the usage of present continuous and the form "going to". Which is the right expression between: "We are leaving tomorrow at 9" "We are going to ...
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When providing more information about an event in the past, are we allowed to use present continuous?

While describing an event in the past, is it possible to use present continuous or present perfect continuous while still being grammatically correct? In order to explain my question a bit better, I ...
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Is try to vs is trying to

I was taking a quiz at Coursera and there was a sentence What kitchen counter may be a better environment to help someone who is try to manage their weight? I was confused – shouldn't this be "is ...
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Present Simple or Present Progressive?

I've got a sentence which claims to use the Present Simple. The source of the sentence is where the use of the Present Simple is ...
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Confused between Simple Present and Present Progressive

I know that the Present Progressive is used for current events (the action is happening right now) and Simple Present is for express habits. But, i'm still having trouble to distinguish them. For ...
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