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which one is correct, "looking forward to hear" OR "looking forward to hearing" [migrated]

From my understanding, 'to' is not followed by 'continuous form'. So the latter version "looking forward to hearing" looks incorrect to me. However, when I type that in gmail, it first auto ...
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Is use of present continuous grammatically acceptable in this sentence?

I made the following sentence - "If he continues to work hard, he will have gained a lot of experience by the time he turns 35.". A person has insisted that there is one more correct form ...
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Continuous form of verb or Present participle? [duplicate]

Expanded version: Nobody likes to talk with the man who is sitting on the rock alone. Reduced version: Nobody likes to talk with the man sitting on the rock alone. How is it possible that in the ...
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How did grammarians determine that the Present Continuous is an aspect?

The three variants of the present tense are: [X] sits (Simple) [X] does sit (Emphatic) [X] is sitting (Continuous [also called Progressive]) This is something that I was taught in school at such an ...
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Can I use ''see'' in present continous form? [closed]

Can you say "Sorry, I'm not seeing her." As an answer to "My sister is wearing a blue scarf, she's dancing over there."?
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“You go and dry yourselves while I polish the car.” or "You go and dry yourselves while I'm polishing the car." [closed]

context i/Cleaning_the_Car/Transcript Oxford Dictionary says: "while-at the same time as sth else is happening eg: You can go swimming while I'm having lunch." so I am confused. Why doesn't ...
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Can we use the present continuous form to make a general statement?

Considering it is a general statement, which of the following sentences sounds more natural? I watch a lot of English speaking movies, because I'm always trying to improve my English. I watch a lot ...
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Present continuous and "going to" form

I have a question regarding the usage of present continuous and the form "going to". Which is the right expression between: "We are leaving tomorrow at 9" "We are going to ...
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"I'm working on a project" - present continuous or present perfect continuous? [closed]

I want to say that I'm working on a project lately, maybe this month or this week, but I don't specify the time in the sentence. I'm still working on a project and I will be working for some time. It ...
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Modal verbs with passive continuous [closed]

Project work might be being done. Is this correct?
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Which present tense should you use when talking about continuous pain?

The speaker can still feel the pain in the moment of speaking (he's asking if he's still able to go abroad with this back pain) & it's some sort of dialogue between some ordinary guy & a ...
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Is this sentence of Vitalik Buterin correct?

I was reading A Philosophy of Blockchain Validation of Vitalik Buterin. The following sentence strikes me as odd: Data availability checks do rely on a very conservative assumption that there exists ...
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When providing more information about an event in the past, are we allowed to use present continuous?

While describing an event in the past, is it possible to use present continuous or present perfect continuous while still being grammatically correct? In order to explain my question a bit better, I ...
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Must things be arranged if I use Present Continuous for the future?

I know that I should use Present Continuous if I decided AND arranged to do some things. But I'm not sure about that AND. I am wondering if just one of the conditions is enough. For example: I am ...
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Is try to vs is trying to

I was taking a quiz at Coursera and there was a sentence What kitchen counter may be a better environment to help someone who is try to manage their weight? I was confused – shouldn't this be "is ...
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Which one would fit better in this context between present continuous and present perfect continuous?

It is from official standard English test. The question is like below. Fitness enthusiasts may feel that their workouts are no longer as effective as they were. When an individual ______________ for ...
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Present Simple or Present Progressive?

I've got a sentence which claims to use the Present Simple. The source of the sentence is where the use of the Present Simple is ...
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Any difference between these two (Present or Present Cont.)

"My husband will always invite his friends round for a drink just as I'm trying to put the kids to bed!" or "My husband will always invite his friends round for a drink just as I try to put the kids ...
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Confused between Simple Present and Present Progressive

I know that the Present Progressive is used for current events (the action is happening right now) and Simple Present is for express habits. But, i'm still having trouble to distinguish them. For ...
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Use present continuous instead of present simple in a sentence

I saw on my english book the exercise's sentence: According to many, Google is changing our lives by broadening our knowledge of the world. Is it also correct "changes" instead of "is changing" ...
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Helping [to] + infinitive verb?

What would be correct? And why? I'm helping maintain the library. I'm helping to maintain the library. I'm helping maintaining the library. I'm helping in maintaining the library. (ok this one sounds ...
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Present continuous vs will + infinitive

The body of this question is divided into four sections: Exercise, Theoretical context, Answer and Questions. I believe this is the right site to ask given that this is a question about "word choice ...
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Can I use the verb "finish 'in present continuous tense?

Recently, in an essay, I used "finishing up" in a sentence. My teacher marked it wrong, because to finish something isn't an action that takes time. But I've heard "finishing up" used in real life. Is ...
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"ill" in present continuous [closed]

Present continuous tense Rules. Auxiliary verb “am or is or are” is used in sentence. 1st form of verb or base verb + ing (presentparticiple) is used as main verb in sentence. Question: Can we form ...
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The use of the present continuous instead of the future simple in context

I have stumbled upon it in this video. It is at 42 second. I know things can get overwhelming when you are out of school, there are no more grades, and all of a sudden people are talking about five-...
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What's the difference between "He's going to fly tomorrow", "He's flying tomorrow" and "He flies tomorrow"? [closed]

Let consider that someone will take a flight tomorrow with a plan of course. In this case, we can use He's going to fly tomorrow in Simple Future. How ever, I've learnt that we can also use Present ...
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Is "I am running" or "I run" grammatical to say while running?

Please check this video. I understood for performative verbs, if we are doing something and, at the same time, we are saying it, we don't need to use the present continuous tense. I am not sure I have ...
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Is it correct to say "We start tomorrow"? Shouldn't it be "We are starting tomorrow"? (present simple vs continuous for future event)

Here's an example of a short conversation between me and a native speaker via text messages: A: I'm so exited for this app B: Yeah, me too A: We start tomorrow B: OK Shouldn't it be "We are ...
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Present continuous to discuss action's frequency

I saw the following on an ESL test: John: How often …………… ? Dave: He …………… at least five days a week. a) does he exercise - swims b) is he exercising - is swimming c) is he exercising - ...
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