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Do you think 'alone' can be used as an attribute adjective, ie. before a noun

OED concludes it to be "rare" now. I'm wondering if native English speakers find these quotes too dated and unacceptable for today's English. 1668 Howe - Had this been the alone folly. 1873 ...
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Verb-ing followed by isolated adjective

There is this definition of the word "Justification" which says, The action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God. Is it correct if I say "righteous" acts as a ...
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What is the difference between a predicate nominative/predicate adjectives and a subject complement?

For example, the sentence "John was a policeman" or "Ben was angry." Both describe the subject, so I'd call them subject complements. But they could also be a predicate nominative ...
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Hyphenation of compound adjective as object complement

Consider these three cases: Here is the up-to-date information. Mark this information up-to-date. This information is up to date. Those are spelled the ways that feel correct to me, but I'm not ...
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Adjectives describing quantity

What is the difference between indefinite adjectives and adjectives of quantity. Are indefinite adjectives and adjectives of quantity are same.
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Part of speech of "likely"

It is likely to rain. Here likely is a predicate adjective with to rain as the complement (correct me if I'm wrong). Who took the cookie? It was likely Bob. Is likely also a predicate adjective ...
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Gerund or a predicate adjective?

In sentences like "but now it is running" or "but now it is standing" What are the words running/standing? I believe they're verbs/gerunds but I have some friends who think they are predicate ...
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