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Differences between Verb + to be + adjective and Verb + adjective

What are the differences between these two sentences? These two guys seem to be inseparable. These two guys seem inseparable. I can intuitively say that the latter one is grammatically wrong. Could ...
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Is "something red" an example of ellipsis or adjectival positioning

I want to better understand why the construction something + [adjective] makes grammatical sense. Background: I was recently reading a Washington Post article and came across the following sentence. ...
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What kind of verb classification is "causative"?

I understand why "causative" verbs like "let" and "allow" are described this way, but I don't understand how this classification relates to other verb descriptors. Is &...
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The verb "to get" + particle ...?

In the phrase "to get all crazy" am I correct when I say that the "all crazy" is a particle phrase? Example: I'm up for tonight's party. I'm going to get all crazy.
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Non verbal predicates in English

Is a non-verbal predicate a synonymous term for "nominal predicate"? And moreover, do non-verbal predicates only appear with linking verbs or can also appear in other types of constructions? I ...
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Is 'white' an adverb in "the lamp will flash white"?

What is the role of 'white' in the following sentence? The lamp on the machine will flash white when you restart it. It seems like it is an adverb here, but is it possible to use colours as ...
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Correct use of "rid of"

From what I understood, "rid of" is used when I want to express that particular object will be disposed of something. "Get rid of something," on the other hand, does not specify the object. According ...
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adverbs after linking verbs

They write we must use adjectives rather than adverbs after linking verbs. For example Food can taste sweet like sugar. But here's ...
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Adjectives used with intransitive verbs in lieu of adverbs

I certainly wouldn't argue that "I feel good" should be replaced with "I feel well," but I have forgotten what we used to call the adjective in this type of construction. Adjective predicate? ...
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