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This tag is for questions seeking a phrase or an expression that fits a meaning. If you're specifically seeking only a single word, see the "single word requests" tag too.

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2 answers

How should I phrase "Not only but also.."?

I am writing a sentence like so: "I bought the Dell laptop because not only did I find the price appealing but I also liked the the fact that the laptop had an integrated webcam." Is my use of ".....
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Is there any idiomatic expression with the meaning "show all the hidden stuff"?

Which idiomatic phrase can be used to express 'showing all the hidden stuff' (it's supposed that nobody should find that out, some scandal things)?
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Alternatives to "computationally expensive"?

The current version of a sentence I'm writing has the structure: Computing [such and such] is the most computationally expensive part of [algorithm]. At the moment, I cannot think of a better ...
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Better phrasing for "year we started working with [them]"? [closed]

I'm making a database, establishing the fields where data is entered. The database stores a list of school systems that our company has worked with. So there's a field for the year we started working ...
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Which of the following two sentences is more correct?

Please help me with next: Which kind of sentence is more correct: a. We decided to present you Jim, Department Manager of Sam, as a contact person for ... b. We decided to present you Jim, Department ...
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Is there a more common phrase that means "preponed"?

I was aware of this and this stackexchange post discuss the same. There is no prepone in English. Ok, then how do I say Our meeting is preponed in correct way? What is the correct word/phrase for ...
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What is the most eloquent way to transition into pointing out a major flaw in someone's thinking?

There is phrase that I really liked and was quite articulate, but I can't think of it. This is in response to a debate when analyzing one's position or paradigm. Other ways: crucial fallacy ...
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Term for catchy tune that stays in your head

Is there a term for a catchy tune that stays in your head after you hear it? The Germans call it an earworm.
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What is a less offensive synonym for "retarded"?

I occasionally use "retarded" when chastising myself or other friends. I know it's not Politically Correct, but am I only allowed to say stupid? How long before we can't say that anymore? Other ...
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