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Best pair of words to describe two contrasting responses to social oppression?

Suppose Bob and Jeff are both poor rural White Americans. Bob's personality converts his tough situation into animosity toward struggling Black Americans (and related concepts such as reparations). ...
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someone who takes off easily

Is there an idiomatic expression to refer to a person who finds it easy to leave wherever they are and go someplace else? - e.g. when friends call out of the blue and invite A. out, he gets dressed ...
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Whats the characteristic/personality of one that rewards those who treat him well, while punishing others who don't?

I'm looking for a word instead of a phrase to describe this, thanks! Greedy and Selfish don't really fit for what I'm looking for.
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Ways to say “someone who messes with forces they don’t understand” [duplicate]

I want to describe a character who experiments with sciences they don’t understand, at a great peril they are unaware of. A hypothetical example of such a person would be a scientist who, in an ...
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What is a single word for a person who wants badly to hold a place in history? [closed]

He wants to be REMEMBERED forever by the people like Abraham Lincoln or Adolf Hitler
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Word for a person who wants to have problems to gain attention or sympathy

Is there a word for a disease or personality type where a person wants to have problems to gain attention or sympathy. I came across something closer called 'Munchausen Syndrome'. But it is about a ...
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The word for pertaining to personality [closed]

We all know that the -al suffix creates the meaning of "pertaining to" or "relating to" or "of the kind" with a noun, e.g. social, fictional etc.... What I am looking for ...
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What do you call someone that acts on possibilities? [closed]

I'm making a video game, I can not think of what you call a person that acts on possibilities, like what mindset do you call them or what type of person are they? Example: Hi traveller, I might help ...
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Is this sentence correct: ''my father is my favorite personality.''

In the Indian subcontinent, we're accustomed to saying sentences like: Who is your favorite personality? My father is my favorite personality. You are a dynamic personality. You are a great ...
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What's a negative personality trait that describes one's desire to be perfect? Also, a word for someone that is too forgiving [closed]

Thanks in advance, guys. If anyone's got a term for someone that is always blaming themselves, that would be pretty sweet as well.
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Looking for a specific synonym of "selfish" [duplicate]

A word or phrase that describes best a specific type of person or their behavior. The type of person that would not act upon a threat if said threat is not affecting their personal well-being directly....
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8 answers

Suitable word for a hardworking and resilient person [duplicate]

I am writing a personal statement and my opening sentence is like this: I am _______. Being resilient in the face of hardships and difficulties, my friends and class fellows would call me so. ...
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7 answers

Word or expression for "someone using fake kindness to hide something or his true nature" [duplicate]

It's someone who tends to be a nice person but hides something or there is something off about him. Sometimes, you meet this kind of people and you know that his/her kindness hides a darker side. I ...
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A person who truely believes they are an angel, but in reality they are not [closed]

Not sure what else I can add, looking for a word that describes someone who thinks they are a good person towards others but they actually are not. But not hypocrite or anything, just they really ...
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Word for a person who is attracted to the depth of a character or one who likes deep conversation [closed]

What do we call a person, who loves to engage in deep conversations; who is not into silly talks. A person who is attracted to the soul of another person, the depth of his/her character. A person who ...
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8 answers

Someone with opposing personality traits

I'm looking for a word for someone with personality traits that oppose each other. Not someone two-faced but more like someone who is two sides of a coin but a the same time; like shy but outgoing, ...
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1 answer

Contemporary equivalent of the word "moxie" as defined herein

I'm fiddling around with a piece of prose that my other half once wrote, trying to get it translated to English. The text is basically an inner monologue. After a burst of (verbal) aggressiveness, ...
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A noun to describe an intention not to use humor when not necessary [closed]

I am seeking a noun that would describe a person's attempt to refrain themselves from being "cool" in responding (perhaps to an email message), often contrary to their humorous nature - an intentional ...
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Is there a word for a person whose work is primarily cognitive, not pragmatic, and who builds his career/reputation this way?

Is there a word for a person whose work is primarily cognitive, not pragmatic, and who builds his career/reputation this way? It doesn't need to have a negative connotation. Here is an example ...
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a positive word for "to play with something" in a passionate but unprofessional way

"She loves to ... with her computer all day." I found to tinker with and to fiddle with" but they seem to have a rather negative meaning. I want to express that the person occupies herself with ...
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Can we use the word "steady" to describe a person? [closed]

I know it's possible to say steady arms or steady decision. But what about people? I found in the student's book that this word is allowed to use when you describe personalities. Is it true? And ...
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What do you call someone who is consistently alternative.

I know of someone who consistently likes identifying with disorders or minority groups. This person, to date, is diagnosed (very dubiously) as Aspbergers, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and transgender. ...
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Word for someone or something deeper than most would assume

I was looking for a word to describe someone and I'm certain it exists... to describe a person is usually assumed to be one-dimensional but is in fact not, or even something more literal like a ...
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What quality does a person lack who cannot understand another's point of view?

I am looking for a non-slang, non-colloquial word - a word that I can use when speaking to a professional therapist/counselor, to be exact. Another way to ask this question might be "What quality ...
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What kind of character does a person who makes loud exclamations have?

Here, I am trying to find an adjective to describe a (relatively poor) person who is open but attracts a lot of attention (not attention-seeking though). As an example, I found this video. I’ve ...
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Expression for two people whose similar personalities makes it difficult for them to get along?

I am aware of the concept of "personality clash", when two people can't get along because their natures are too different, but what is it called when two people can't get along because their ...
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