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Why do we use “more ADJECTIVE” and “less ADJECTIVE” with adjectives of more than one syllable? [duplicate]

I've asked this question in Quora and the answers I got were: First answer: Using "more" and "less" helps maintain clarity and consistency in comparative forms. It provides a ...
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What does the expression "If + subject + was/were + infinitive" mean in American English

I just want to ask you guys about the general meaning of expressions that use the following pattern in colloquial American English: If + subject + was/were + infinitive, ... Examples: (Written by ...
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4 answers

a term for a "not web" traditional application

I am writing a cover letter and I would state my experience in both web application and "normal programs". "Normal programs" sounds so bad, what is a good term that I can use without delve into ...
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"It is to be discussed", what is the infinitive doing in this sentence?

It is to be discussed. Is be + infinitive forming the future tense here? You are to be dressed and ready by 8:00. I was thinking it's almost commanding (or speaking of a command) but this doesn'...
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