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Verbs in Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect with no difference in meaning for unfinished actions

In one of my very reputable grammar sources (Concept Questions and Timelines by Graham Workman, a big name in EFL/ESL teaching circles), I came across a list of verbs that can be used with the present ...
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A question regarding present perfect continuous

I have been devouring information for the past three months. I have read that perfect tenses should not be used in sentenced with adverbs or adverb phrases of past time. Is the sentence mentioned ...
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past-continuous vs present-perfect-continuous [closed]

I have watched a few videos on this theme, but still don't understand when I would use one and cannot use another. Example from one of BBC English videos: "I have been cooking soup for 20 minutes ...
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A question concerning Past Perfect continuous

He had been drinking milk out the cartoon when mom walked into the kitchen I'm reading past perfect continuous in my grammar book and the rule says it is used for an that began before a certain point ...
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is using past perfect continuous correct in this case?

Is this sentence correct and can I say the same thing using another tense? When I saw her account I realised that she had not been using her account for years.
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When can the present perfect continuous be used with 'ever since'?

Advanced Grammar In Use by Martin Hewings starts with the following in Unit 6 'Present perfect continuous and present perfect': We use the present perfect continuous to express the idea of an ...
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Similarity between future perfect and future perfect continuous

I had an assignment given before some days. I tried to do it and got some answers right, but it was not satisfactory. Can you tell me the similarity between future perfect and future perfect ...
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Unknown Grammar (or passive continuous infinitive) [duplicate]

Here is a sentence I have trouble parsing: A member of staff objects to their image being used in a particular way. I cannot find a grammar reference according to such sentence. Is it passive ...
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present perfect continuous vs. present continuous [duplicate]

how can we differenciate present perfect continuous . we use it for the actions which started in the past and still continuing but we start doing the exam in present continuous tense. I am working on ...
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Which verbs cannot be used in the progressive form in any case?

We know for a fact that if a stative predicate is used in the progressive form, it will change the meaning of the sentence, e.g. 'I have a car' / 'I'm having a headache', where in the former a ...
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Present Perfect Continuous Tense - Passive Voice - Question Forms [duplicate]

Please tell me how to use the positive question form of passive voice of the tense- Present perfect Continuous Tense? The Positive Answer form could be as "I have been being taught". (Here, I am the ...
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Difference between 'He has been involved' and 'He has been watching TV'

From the sentence He has been watching TV, I understand that it is a present perfect continuous tense that started in the past and is continuing in the present time. But I get confused at times ...
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Difference between present perfect simple and present perfect continuous [duplicate]

Are both "I have read this book for months" and "I have been reading this book for months" correct? If yes, how are meanings different?
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How do you form this perfect continuous sentence in the passive voice?

''They have been giving us water for 3 days.'' What is the passive of the above sentence?
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How do I address a period of time in non-time units?

I need to say that something has been happening for several bus stops. What is the most natural way to do it?
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When should one use "FOR" in Present perfect continuous and when shouldn't

Two examples: it has been raining for several days It has been raining all week Why does the first one has for and the second doesn't? Is there a rule where one should use for or shouldn't?
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He uses my car for one hour every day. vs He has been using my car for one hour every day

What is the difference between Present Simple and Present Perfect Continuous when we use them for "something that happens again and again in the present". Ex: He uses my car for one hour every day. ...
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Present perfect and has been usage

This is an excerpt from a newspaper: They demanded the removal of Mr. X and Mr y, who have been accused of involvement in the pqr scam. Why does the author use have been and not are accused?
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"Present perfect" vs. "present continuous" for completed actions [duplicate]

Sometimes the present perfect continuous tense has the same meaning as the present perfect tense, and  it makes me feel confused. I don't know which one is the better to use. For example: Someone ...
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The difference between "past continuous" and "present perfect continuous"

Let's consider the following context: You come to the office on Saturday and see somebody finish some actions and now (s)he is sitting at your workplace (you didn't expect to meet anyone), but ...
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Is there any difference between Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous?

I have studied "present perfect" and "present perfect continuous" for a week. I know forms, verb and helping verb I should use when I write them. For me, they have nearly same definition because I ...
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