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Words for the two "directions" of the meanings words gain or lose over time

Maybe this belongs on "Linguistics" but since it's about an English word, I suppose they'd only send me here. Over time, some words gather more and more meanings to themselves. Ironically, ...
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Word(s) meaning how "high/low resolution", "nested", "shallow/deep" or "derived" ideas/concepts are

I'm looking for a word or pair of words that refer to whether an idea is "high or low resolution" or high and low levels of analysis. I think a few examples are the best way to convey what I'...
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Locating collocated "and" and "four" ("and four")

Pretext: The etymology of the number word four is difficult. The development of Proto-Indo-European *kʷetwor- → Proto-Germanic *feđwōr > Old English feower, Old Saxon fi(u)war, fior, Old Norse ...
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What is another word for allowing [a professional] to take some sort of [privileges, leniencies, risks, allowances, decision making]?

What is another word for allowing [a professional] to take some sort of [privileges, leniencies, risks, allowances, decision making] with the work they are producing ? The specific context is I am ...
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Is there a context-free concise construction for "pertinently different from, without being mutually exclusive"?

Is there a tidy way to represent the meaning of the following? A differs from B (in some substantive/relevant way), even though they do share non-trivial similarities.
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Word to describe a PDF file produced by converting from another format (for example, from HTML)

A month ago, I asked whether it would be correct to call an HTML page saved as PDF file a converted PDF file. "Converted PDF file" - what does it really mean? According to Greybeard, the ...
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How to describe putting on a coat [closed]

Is there a way to "he put on his coat" without actually using the verb "put on"? A friend suggested "he dressed his coat" but it sounds very strange to me.
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Adjective or word to describe the pronunciation of a word or name as written?

Let's say there's an English word spelled "Bababoo" but it's actually pronounced with the first "B" sounding like a "P." What word (adjective or noun) is there to ...
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What is the proper way to combine words?

With a -, like Middle-earth? Just putting the words together, like Redapple? Or capitalizing both like Apple Pie. Which is proper, what are the differences between, and why are all three used?
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What's the term for a group of people who enjoy literary works?

I'm translating an essay to English from Korean, and it uses the term hyangyoo jibdan, which means "a group of people who enjoy literary works". What's the English term for that? (I've searched, but ...
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What is the practice of selling an item, in a place one cannot get out of, at a much higher price than its normal price?

If you go into an amusement park which you cannot go out of and back in (without a new ticket) or which is remote and far away from any shops, and find that a bottle of soft drink is being (legally) ...
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Is there an English word to describe when a sound "protrudes"?

I was going to go with "protrude" but I'm getting told it is not used in this sense and it wouldn't be understood. It's to describe the situation where the TV is on but you are doing something else ...
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Word for Following The Shift In "Immigration Patterns"

I'm looking for an effective word or words to replace immigration pattern. I use the phrase in a previous sentence, and would not like to reuse it again. I can't think of a better word choice to ...
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What do you call the "one who requests" and the "one who offers"?

In some sort of an exchange (maybe of services, maybe of items), there are those who seek and then request, and those who offer. What would be pleasent nouns to use for these roles? "requester"/"...
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