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Why did "pigeon" replace the native word "culver"?

Pigeon is a borrowing from Anglo-Norman where the etymons are French pigon, pigeon. The earliest citation is found in Middle English, from 1375 per OED: 1375 Thomas Blont..hath indowed Dame Isabell.....
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Is a “blue bird” the same as a “bluebird”?

Is “blue bird” in the following quotation from Lady Chatterley’s Lover referring to an actual bluebird? The lush, dark green of hyacinths was a sea, with buds rising like pale corn, while in the ...
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What is the difference between chickens and birds? [closed]

I watched news about turkeys this morning and instead of calling them chickens the news anchor called them birds. In my opinion, turkeys are sub-type of chickens. They are not a bird because they ...
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Usage of 'halcyon' to describe something other than a period of time

Can I use the term halcyon to mean calm or tranquil when describing something other than a period of time, especially a place or setting? For example, does the following sentence seems unnatural or ...
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