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Should I use "nor" or "or" in this specific sentence? [duplicate]

I am writing a manuscript. There is a sentence my advisor and I keep editing. The sentence: We did not detect significant effects of lineage, initial length, nor status on individual growth rate. ...
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Nary an X or/nor a Y

It is a well-known rule of English grammar that either takes or and neither takes nor. Nary comes from the phrase "ne'er a" and is considered a non-standard variant of not, e.g.: Nary a ...
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Without A and B / without A or B / Without A nor B

Solutions without overcomplications and mistakes. Solutions without overcomplications or mistakes. Solutions without overcomplitations nor mistakes. Nominal Sentences of my own. Does one not make ...
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Can I use nor in this example:

I haven't eaten rice nor potatoes. I looked up that nor is usually followed by neither on this site: However, I would like to know if ...
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This or These? Nor or Or? [closed]

I'm not really sure about my grammar, and I think I need help. I'm a bit confused with the "These" and "This", and the "Nor" or "Or". My wedding is in a few hours and I just finished composing my vow. ...
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Using "nor" without "neither" - is "deny" a negative verb?

In a passage I've just proofread, the writer had put She denies any change in mood nor any sweating. The "nor" just sounded wrong to me; I usually do my grammar by instinct, but when I'm ...
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Correct usage of "nor"?

I was wondering if I am using nor correctly in the following sentence or I should replace it by or? Adding this additional functionality does not increase the manufacturing cost of the product nor ...
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Complex usage of "nor" and explanation

I'm positive this is an acceptable usage of "nor," but I can't find a rule that explains the usage. Please help! He was too tired to walk to the next open crossing. Nor to start an argument.
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Nor without neither?

I am correcting a translation for a friend. He wanted to say: "Don't look for treasure nor earthly pleasure." This sounds wrong to me. I would say: "Look not for treasure nor earthly pleasure." ...
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What is this "Nor"?

And I saw Tityos, son of glorious Gaea, lying on the ground. Over nine roods he stretched, and two vultures sat, one on either side, and tore his liver, plunging their beaks into his bowels, nor could ...
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Is this usage of 'nor' correct?

Without the accompanying neither, it can be difficult to know whether or not to use nor. Is this correct, or should or be used here instead? We do not have the equipment needed to measure buoyancy ...
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Using "nor" at the end of a list begun with "no" [duplicate]

Which is correct? "The book has no marks, tears, wrinkles or writing." "The book has no marks, tears, wrinkles nor writing." (I understand the use of neither/nor and either/or.) In this ...
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Can "nor" be used without "neither"?

I came across this sentence: Cummings Motors, Smith Electric nor our subcontractors can be held liable. Is this a proper use of the word nor? I can understand Neither Cummings Motors nor Smith ...
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2 answers

Is this 'neither' a determiner?

However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth. (Harry Potter book 1, p213) However, this mirror will give us neither knowledge nor truth. As I’m accustomed to ‘neither~nor’ ...
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"Cannot be null or empty" vs. "cannot be null nor empty" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I use 'or' or 'nor'? Using “nor” in a list without “neither” Translating this meaning into English: There is a value that a ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Do the tug of war rules have a typo? ("Or" vs. "nor")

The Official Tug of War Rules (link is PDF, here is Google quickview link) say: The rope must not be less than 10 centimetres (100 mm), or more than 12.5 centimetres (125 mm) in circumference... ...
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Mixing plural and singular list items with a single verb

A friend wants to write, There is no hardware to purchase, no additional software to install and no key fobs to worry about. This is awkward because the verb "is" doesn't match up with the third ...
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Use "or" or "nor"? [duplicate]

I've always wondered this but never asked. Given this statement: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Should it be or or nor? This is on Wikipedia so they are probably correct in saying ...
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Usage of "neither . . . nor" versus "not . . . or"

First, this is not a dupe of: "Not bad either" versus "not bad neither" nor a dupe of: "Neither Michael nor Albert is correct" or "Neither Michael nor Albert are ...
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Should I use 'or' or 'nor' after a negative statement?

This document does not cover the SDK interfaces nor any other reference material. I think the above is correct, but my grammatical checker in Microsoft Word underlines nor and suggests or. Why?
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