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Off-of Combination

Not sure how to name this correctly, but there seems to be a trend of adding an "of" to phrasal verbs that ends in "off" and I'm wondering if that is, in fact, correct English. ...
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Is it correct to write "25% off everything"? Should we add "on"? [closed]

Is it correct to write "25% off all subscriptions"? Why are we omitting on here?
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Take it off of your shoulders [duplicate]

I've stumbled across this sentence: "I don't need your heavy load. Take it off of my shoulders". I want to ask, is the usage of "take something off OF" correct? Thank you in advance, Matus
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Robbed off vs Robbed of

Can you please tell me which one of the following two sentences is right, and why? He is robbed off a huge amount of money? OR He is robbed of a huge amount of money? Also, is the comma here ...
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"off of the counter" vs "off the counter" [duplicate]

Is the word of necessary? For example: Take the towel off of the counter. vs. Take the towel off the counter.
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What is the meaning of "build off of"?

What is the meaning of "build off of"? I Googled it, but can't find any definition! I encountered it in the sentence in a technical book. The sentence is: For the application we will build, the ...
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Difference between get "off of" and "off"

What is the difference when you say "get off of something" and "get off something"?
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"Make money off of" vs. "make money out of"

Which one sounds correct? I am not making any money off of this product. I am not making any money out of this product. If you tell me both, then how would you explain "off" here as it ...
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"Based on" instead of "based off of"

I sometimes see cases where off is followed by of, and it sounds awkward to me. For example, I would prefer This story is based on a true story. to This story is based off of a true story. ...
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How can I explain to people that the phrase “off of ” is grammatically incorrect? [closed]

How can I explain to people that the phrase off of is grammatically incorrect? I‘ve heard this phrase used a lot, especially by Americans (though they aren't the only ones). In my understanding, ...
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