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Questions about choosing between the prepositions "of" and "for"

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Get the path "to" vs "of" vs "for" a file?

Which phrase would be most correct to use? Or are they all correct, and it just depends on the situation, which to use? In my case it's regarding getting a path from a method in a Java program. A ...
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"Notify of" vs. "notify for" [closed]

Which is correct? Please notify me for any changes in your address. Please notify me of any changes in your address.
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Basis of or basis for in mathematics

I read this stackexchange about whether to say "basis of" or "basis for". Does the answer given there (that both are correct, of is newer and for is still more common) apply to mathematics as well?
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Does something form the basis "of" or the basis "for" something else?

I am writing some technical documentation and I'm wondering whether of or for is the best word to use in the following sentence: The framework and architecture will form the basis {of|for} our web ...
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Is it correct to write "25% off everything"? Should we add "on"? [closed]

Is it correct to write "25% off all subscriptions"? Why are we omitting on here?
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"Quest of providing" vs. "quest for providing" [duplicate]

Which sentence is correct and why? In our quest of providing unparalleled value to our customers. In our quest for providing unparalleled value to our customers. I understand that the ...
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Can I use "for" and "of" to reference a single noun?

I did read they were interchangeable, "for" and "of". But what about using them with words that typically use one or the other? -- to instill respect for and knowledge of our policies vs. to ...
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"A teaching assistant in/of/for Applied Quantitative Methods"

I am a Teaching Assistant in/of/for Applied Quantitative Methods Which preposition is correct this context? And why?
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"headquarters of" vs. "headquarters for"... is there a difference?

Is there a difference between "headquarters of" and "headquarters for"? It is the headquarters of many branches. It is the headquarters for many branches. It is the headquarters of the party. It is ...
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"In preparation for" or "In Preparation of"? [closed]

What´s the difference in use between "in preparation of" or "in preparation for"? They seem both correct. Context: The team practiced how they would respond to bad weather in preparation of ...
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"Prospects of" or "Prospects for" a new project?

The title more or less says it all. In particular, I'm considering the title of a presentation or short article. I'll say that it's a discussion of new discoveries that might come from pursuing a "...
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"To support", "in support of" and "in support for" [closed]

What should be the best use of "support" to fill the gap in this sentence?... The doctor's association has threatened to go on indefinite strike ___________ their teachers a. to support/ b. ...
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Appropriate preposition in "your preference of/for time and venue"

What is the most appropriate preposition for the following sentence? I would like to talk to you. Please let me know your preference of/for time and venue where we can meet. I would also be happy ...
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"Justification of" or "justification for"?

Do "justification of" or "justification for" mean different things? Is one more appropriate than the other?
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The use of "for" and "of"

Are for and of interchangeable in these circumstances? Is the meaning affected at all? He was the Minister for Education. He was the Minister of Education. The Institute of Medical ...
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Difference between the use of "for" and "of"

I am always confused by the difference between the use of for and of in cases like these: Principal component analysis of microarray data. Principal component analysis for microarray data. ...
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