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Undistorted by emotion or personal bias, having neither positive nor negative connotations.

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Understanding of racism in a sentence [closed]

Recently there was a quite an argument in certain group of people coming from various countries, each having different English skill and obviously different understanding of things in English. The ...
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Positive euphemism for "harped on"

How can I replace harped on with a more positive expression? The production manager harped on the new quality assurance regulations for nearly an hour.
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Is the word “classless” neutral in its implication, or does it have a derogatory tone?

I was drawn to the word, “classless” in Carolyn Hax’s answer to a reader in the counseling corner of Washington Post (June 7), which comes under the title, “How do you get back at a loudmouth? By ...
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Non positively connoted synonym for "highlights"

I'm producing a monthly report that put forward a selection of ten particular cases out of 70 individual entries. I filter for the 5 best and 5 worst cases according to various indicators. The idea ...
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What is the word to describe a person who does not have a personal opinion?

What is the word to describe a person who does not have a personal opinion or stand on a subject? If somebody says X is right, then you could agree. But if some other person says X is wrong, and you ...
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Non-pejorative term for behaviour that discriminates against people based on their birth place [duplicate]

A big theme of the UK May 2014 MEP elections is immigration - there is a great deal of political rhetoric about it that I would describe as racist or xenophobic, but I don't think either term is ...
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A word similar to pride (without its troublesome patronizing connotations)

I frequently want to express a feeling of pleasure to be associated with someone who is doing something exceptional. The phrase that comes to mind is, "I'm proud of you," but I am troubled ...
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Is there a non-derogatory synonym for “propaganda”?

Is there a non-derogatory synonym for propaganda? Specifically, I’m talking about a word to describe the sum of all messages a particular political member has broadcast (through various media), but ...
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Opposite of disciplined with positive or neutral connotations

Is there a word or phrase that means the opposite of disciplined, but which doesn't have negative connotations?
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Alternative word for jealous (without the negative connotations)

I was wondering whether there is a word similar to jealousy but without the negative connotations? For example, if I really admired someone for their memory and wished mine could be as good - however, ...
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Does "moonlighting" have a negative or neutral connotation?

We all agree that "moonlighting" denotes having a second job. However, Merriam-Webster and Oxford Advanced Learner's don't define it in exactly the same way. For example, Merriam-Webster attaches a ...
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What is the neutral way of telling someone to "do whatever you want"?

Do whatever you want This sentence can carry a negative tone (highly probable). Making it sound that someone is fed-up and/or simply doesn't care. Especially after one has had a heated discussion/...
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Connotatively neutral alternatives to "ignorant"?

The word "ignorant" has a denotative meaning along the lines of "to lack knowledge" or "to not know", but its connotative meaning, by my understanding, is negative. Are there any synonyms of this ...
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Is there an alternative to the phrase "Going Native"? defines the meaning of the phrase "Going Native" this way: (idiomatic) To adopt the lifestyle or outlook of local inhabitants, especially when dwelling in a ...
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Non-derogatory term similar to "inflexible"

I'm looking for a word that's somewhat similar to inflexible, but non-derogatory, used to describe a characteristic of a person or their habits. For example, let's say we have someone who really ...
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More precise word or phrase for neutral connotation of racism

Racism in the dictionary means a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own ...
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What is non-derogatory way of saying "people here are obsessed with sports"?

Saying obsessed or being crazy about something seems a little negative and derogatory. How am I supposed to say it in a positive way.
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What to call the best student in a class?

Is there a word in English to qualify the highest-ranked student in a class in a year? We are talking here about higher education, especially in the context of curricula that keep a given set of ...
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Does “upshot” denote something positive, negative, or neutral?

I’m a non-native speaker of English, and I’ve always felt that “upshot” was used to denote positive results. But I’ve come across a few cases recently where negative or neutral outcomes were ...
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Proper term for people from eastern Asia

I once posted an article on the web in which I referred collectively to people from China, Japan, and the Koreas as "Oriental". I got an email from someone who informed me that this is an offensive ...
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Neutral term for a person in the same organization

Is there a neutral term for a person who belongs to an organization to which I also belong, not implying a personal relationship? Inside a business, one might use colleague or peer. Business to ...
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Is there a word for a non-geek?

I am looking for a term which clearly defines somebody as a non-geek, without being derogatory. The best example I have seen is muggle, but it needs context to be understood, as in "You don't meet ...
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Is "subtle" a positive, neutral or/and negative word?

I wonder whether subtle is a positive, neutral or/and negative word? Looking up its definition, it seems that the word means things unclear for good reason. For example, I  wonder if subtle can ...
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What are the polite and neutral versions of “cut the bull*’?

I was wondering what are the polite and neutral versions of cut the bullshit? Suppose one calls his mobile customer service for signal problem, but the representative endlessly tries to promote ...
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