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Girlfriend has weird English and I don't know the words to describe the question ("needs delivered", "wants fed", etc) [duplicate]

ELU! My girlfriend has been using some strangely-formed English in the past few years. It's not just her because I've heard it elsewhere too. I've got a video of a screenwriter where he says, "...
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Can "to be" be ommitted if it's implied? e.g. "These items need completed by Friday" [duplicate]

Can "to be" be ommitted if it's implied? i.e. Are the following sentences acceptable grammar? "These items need done by Friday" "These items need completed by Friday" ...
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Is it proper English to say:" All you need are Rita, George and a Schnauzer"? [duplicate]

I carved a sign and my wife says that the message does not sound grammatically correct. Can you help?
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Need+to be OR needed+to be [closed]

Which of the following full sentences is correct? Our voice needs to be heard by the media. Our voice is needed to be heard by the media. It sounds to me as if they are both the same ...
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After the word 'needed' or 'needs' is the phrase 'to be' required or optional? [duplicate]

My students (and some younger colleagues) are increasingly stating (verbal) and writing phrases as such: "The operating system needed updated." or "The application needs fixed." I was of the ...
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What grammar is involved in the catenation "need to be released"

"We will let you know when these need to be released." Is this sentence grammatical? If it is, what grammatical construction is "need to be released"?
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Omitting "to be" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Central Pennsylvanian English speakers: what are the limitations on the “needs washed” construction? Using -ed vs. -ing in the “needs washed” ...
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How are "needs to be washed," "needs washing," and the regional variant "needs washed" to be distinguished"?

I'm from Central Pennsylvania, and apparently, we have a strange language construct in this area. I was recently talking about how "my car needs washed" to a friend from NJ, and she told me that my ...
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"Needs cleaned" or "needs to be cleaned"

I'm from Western Pennsylvania. Until I moved away, I never realized that when I omitted the to be from phrases like needs to be cleaned, my usage was different than what most English speakers are ...
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Central Pennsylvanian English speakers: what are the limitations on the "needs washed" construction?

In the Central Pennsylvania dialect of English (and possibly elsewhere), the following construction is possible: This car needs washed. (=needs to be washed) The room needs cleaned. (=needs to ...
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