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Use of modal verbs when writing in past tense

I'm trying to write a story in past tense (I'm using deep POV). I have two characters who parted ways. One of them is regretting not spending more time with the other before leaving. Since he is ...
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Direct and Indirect speech

What would be the indirect speech for this sentence: Mina said, "Let's go for a walk". In my opinion it should be 'Mina suggested that they should go for a walk' but according to my book it is 'Mina ...
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Perfect tense with knowledge only up to that point?

I'm trying to find out if there is a term to describe the style of literary narration where you tell the story in the perfect tense, but you only have the same knowledge that the character in that ...
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Change in indirect speech

What is the Indirect form of - He said, "The teacher usually does not ask any question." He said that - 1). the teacher usually does not ask any question 2). the teacher usually did not ...
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