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In a story written in past tense, is using present tense grammatically correct in the narration?

For example, just something quickly made up: Sam started to run from the house to the nearby forest. The freezing weather caused him to shiver, but the warmth from running very rapidly heated up ...
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What is the historic present tense?

I learned that the historical present may be used to create an effect of immediacy in narratives. I have a question about the historic present tense. Why don't we use the progressive tense instead of ...
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What are the real rules for choosing between the simple past and past perfect when both actions are in the past? [duplicate]

What are the real rules for choosing past perfect versus choosing past simple when you have two different past actions? I ask because the English sequence of tenses rules I was taught would have ...
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Use of modal verbs when writing in past tense

I'm trying to write a story in past tense (I'm using deep POV). I have two characters who parted ways. One of them is regretting not spending more time with the other before leaving. Since he is ...
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How to describe narrated action?

Let's say we have a poem that has a first-person point of view and then goes like: I have eaten the cookies Now, when I write about this poem and want to describe the action in the poem, would it ...
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