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Questions tagged [music]

Questions about the English terms related to music, and the proper usage of them.

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Using "Sequence" in music context

As a part of my academic paper, I wish to use the "Sequence" word. Here is the problem: As you can see in the picture, the "Start Time" of each note is mentioned on the time axis. ...
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Notating timestamp in writing about music

I was wondering what is more commonly accepted in academic writing about music. I was using 1:00 to notate the minute and second mark something is happening in a track (for example, a new section ...
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That noise in old vinyls or rather shellac plates

How would you call the typical background noise in old phonograph records? How would you call a record that sounds like that? For an example from YouTube: Billie Holiday, You better go now, 1947
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Words Listed by Vowel Sound

I'm working on a libretto for a vocal composition which makes use of vowel formants. It's important that all of the singers can produce exactly the same vowel sound, so I'm using IPA symbols. I'm ...
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