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Questions about the English terms related to music, and the proper usage of them.

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What do you call all the pieces of a song minus the lyrics

I think there must be a good word for this, but can't think of what it might be. Harmony and Melody are pieces of it, beat seems simplistic, Instrumentation seems too scientific and dull. Any Ideas?
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Music school vs. musical school [closed]

I wonder if it is possible to say "musical school" instead of "music school" (with the same meaning 'a school of music'). Recently I have come across several sentences like that: *The obvious genius ...
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Term for music that imitates speech

I have searched and asked others for the answer to this but have come up dry: What is the name or technique in music where musical notes approximate/imitate speech? Note that I am not talking about ...
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Do native speakers understand all the words in songs? [closed]

I'm wondering if native speakers understand all the words in songs. For me it is very very difficult, as I can usually understand only 30% of words and phrases in songs. While listening to people's ...
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What does "autolyco-sentimental" mean?

Wagner is said to have described Mayerbeer's operas as follows: (translated into English and originally written in German, probably.) "Meyerbeer ... wanted a monstrous, piebald, historico-romantic, ...
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Using your voice as an instrument

What are some words that describe using one's voice as an instrument, i.e. doing certain things with the voice, not necessarily just hitting particularly challenging higher/lower registers? Things ...
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Is there a general word for performing music? [duplicate]

If someone is performing music with an instrument, I'd say that they're playing the instrument. If someone is performing music with their voice, I'd say that they're singing. Is there a word that ...
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Term to a verse that starts with the last word of the previous verse

The music "Glad you came" by The Wanted has the following verses Turn the lights out now, now I'll take you by the hand Hand you another drink, drink it if you can Can you spend a little ...
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Name for this percussion instrument?

What is the name of this percussion instrument in English? It is gripped by the round handle. By using circular movements of the hand, the flat part is spun around the handle, causing the thin wooden ...
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Generic term for musical piece

Colloquially, people use "song", even though "song" has actual specific properties. What is a generic term for a musical piece? "Musical piece" is OK, but there really should be one that is a single ...
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