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possessive referring to behavior of multiple actors

In "Alice and Bob's contrary behavior served to" vs "Alice's and Bob's contrary behavior served to" Usually the choice between the two forms hinges on whether the two actors ...
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Referring to a Set of Objects

I have a box of plastic fantasy miniatures with title "Orcs" on it. If I take a figure out, how do I refer where it comes from? From the plastic Orcs boxed set, or From the plastic Orc ...
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The names in this table are / is a list of attendances [closed]

Which sounds natural for you, native speakers of English? The names in this table are a list of attendances. The names in this table is a list of attendances. Please answer with your choice. Also, ...
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If a word has multiple pronunciations, how do I know which one is more commonly used? [closed]

When I tried to remember English words, I met some words that has multiple pronunciations, how do I know which one is more commonly used? Or should I remember them all? For example, prospect, as verb ...
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Wording a question that might have one or more answers [closed]

I have a multiple choice question that might have only one answer or all of the above might be correct. Since I'm teaching kids I want to avoid wordiness, below are my two attempts: What is the ...
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How to say a case of "multiple of multiples" correctly?

In programming I often step into cases where names of variables have to indicate a group of groups. How do I properly formulate them in terms of multiplicity word endings? Examples (concrete ...
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Adding an "s" after a quote

I have a basic question, Say I have a quote, "I told you so" Now let's say that quote has been said to me many times. How would I write this in a sentence such as the following? The "I told ...
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"any product group" or "any product groups"? [duplicate]

I can't decide, both sounds right and return results on Google. So is it "any product group" or "any product groups"? Context: The context is that some product can has sub-product that are part of ...
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Words with multiple allowable pronunciations

Long time listener, first time caller. I was chatting with some friends, and GIF and nuclear came up. GIF is pretty unique, we considered, as we allow both /dʒɪf/ and /gɪf/ for its pronunciation. ...
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