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Questions tagged [multiple-modals]

For questions about dialects that *might could* use multiple modals one after the other. When there are only two, this phenomenon is also called "double modals". Use with the [modal-verbs] tag.

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2 votes
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How do multiple modal constructions work with ellipsis or inversion?

I have been researching on multiple modal constructions, which is a dialect mainly used in The Southern United States. Unlike Standard English, this dialect allows more than one modal auxiliary per ...
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2 answers

How to negate the double modal construction "might could" (and others)?

I have relatives from the southern U.S., and they often use double modal verbs in their speech, like "I might could go to the market". I understand that this isn't considered standard, but it got me ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is the structure of “might did”?

What is the structure of might + verb (in past tense) called? I might said it. (Instead of I might have said it.) I might did it. (Instead of I might have done it.) I might did say it. (Instead of ...
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Modal "will can"

Does the following make any sense? "I will can" I saw a post where someone wrote "I will can". Is this grammatically right or wrong?
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Is "That might even could happen" considered incorrect? [duplicate]

Would you help me out with examining this sentence? Is "That might even could happen" considered incorrect?
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37 votes
5 answers

Is “might could” a correct construct?

I have a friend from the southern U.S. who uses the phrase “might could” quite often. He’ll say, for example: I might could do that this weekend. When I first heard him say this, it made me do a ...
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