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for questions about the differences in the meaning of a phrase modified by 'of'.

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What is an adjective relating to the concept of dialects?

I'm trying to say: the dialect__ differences between Castilian and Chilean Spanish are exciting. I thought it was dialectic, but I recently found out that dialectic meant: the art or practice ...
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What is the difference between a noun modified by of and a noun modified by an adjective?

What is the difference of nuance between "a man of culture" and "a cultured man"? Thank you
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The use of preposition "of"

What is the difference between: 1. Design of a system vs. System Design 2. Type of cable vs. Cable type 3. Certificate of Compliance vs. Compliance Certificate 4. Obligations and Duties of Company ...
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"Sharing of knowledge" vs. "knowledge sharing" [closed]

As the title of a scoping document for a major project, which is better? Delivering mutual benefit through sharing of knowledge Delivering mutual benefit through knowledge sharing Is ...
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"Development of technology" vs. "technology development"

I was wondering which form is the correct one, "technology development" or "the development of technology". For example: The pace of technology development affected me in several ways. The ...
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Should “two weeks vacation” be written “two weeks’ vacation” with a possessive apostrophe?

I’ve always understood that the phrase two weeks usually turns into two weeks’ when used as a modifier as in I’m giving my two weeks’ notice. I get two weeks’ vacation. (“two weeks’ holiday” for ...
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Does "safety level" mean the same thing as "level of safety"?

Does "safety level" mean the same thing as "level of safety"? I suspect that the former is used as a technical term, with exact definitions of different safety levels. This would be similar to ...
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"types of data" vs. "data types" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Data source types” vs. “types of data sources” Please can you tell me that what the difference is between "types of data" and "data types". Are they the same? For example, ...
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Difference between "advantages of a car lease" and "car lease advantages"

It is hard for foreigners to understand the meaning of different English sentence constructions. Do the phrases below mean the same? advantages of a car lease car lease advantages When do we ...
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Which one is correct? "A teacher of English" or "An English teacher"? [closed]

I want to know which is correct teacher of English or English teacher.
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"Decoding time" vs. "time of decoding"

What's the difference between "decoding time" and "time of decoding", "data compression" and "compression of data"? And why isn't it "decoding's time", but "decoding time"?
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"Data source types" vs. "types of data sources"

Is there any difference in meaning between "Many different data source types" and "Many different types of data sources"? I have no strong understanding on the use of "of".
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Correct naming form (with or without "of")

I have a system (software) that do topolygical analysis. How would be more correct to name it: "System of topological analysis" or "Topological analysis system" ? And what rules should I know to ...
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