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What is the backdrop of a theatre play act called?

I'm not sure where else to ask this since I'm not very familiar with this area. What is the backdrop of a theatre play act called? Like when the actors are behind the curtains and their silhouettes ...
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A medium-agnostic word for a readthrough/playthrough/viewing?

Is there a word analogous to “readthrough” that works regardless of what kind of media it is? That is, I’m looking to condense “an instance of going through an entire (fictional) work” down to a noun (...
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Why is the Internet being considered a person now? [closed]

This is not an isolated case; I've been noticing quite a bit lately that news articles are referring to "people in general" or "a lot of people" as "the Internet." Here's ...
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Why do depictions of foreigners in English media compulsively insert foreign words from their mother tongue?

There is something that has been bugging me about depiction of foreigners in various English media (that doesn't occur, say, in Polish media). The "foreigner" characters keep replacing common English ...
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Did Miranda cross the Atlantic?

US entertainment media have an outsized influence on other countries and cultures. For instance, apparently in some places the emergency services now have to respond to "9-1-1" calls in ...
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Media writing: beginning sentences with coordinating conjunctions

I understand that in many contexts it is appropriate to begin a sentence with a coordinating conjunction, and I am aware that variations of this question have been asked here many times. Mine, however,...
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Why in many newspaper name, word "TIMES" is there? [duplicate]

I was wondering that whenever I pick a newspaper I found either it is the Times of America, Times of India ,Hindustan Times and lot more so why there is always a word times in newspaper name . Is it ...
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Word to describe people in internet thinking very same, using same websites, reading same resources [duplicate]

Is there a term or word to describe people in internet feeling very same, like if they were doing absolutely same things using internet? Here in the web we have too many apps and websites, but many ...
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"Member FDIC" instead of "Member of FDIC"?

For several years now (as long as I've paid attention) almost every ad or commercial for a bank or credit union says they are Member FDIC or Member NCUA. Where is the of? Why are these not Member of ...
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A word or phrase for when something gets reported in the news and then similar stories follow

I'm trying to locate a word or phrase which describes this situation: when a relatively unusual news item is reported and then, in the following days, suddenly other examples of the same thing are ...
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Why do we say that accidents/housefires "take place" ? [closed]

Accident Took Place At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant. Take place : You say that an event takes place. The wedding took place on the stage of the Sydney Opera House. Elections will take place in ...
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Pronunciation of 'finance' and 'financial' in the media

This is just something I've noticed over the last few years in the English (UK) media and I wondered if there is some explanation for it. It used to be that 'financial' and 'finance' were pronounced ...
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Misuse of the verb allege?

I recently visited Jordan on a business trip. Read the following in a newspaper: Bleeding profusely, she pleaded with the alleged attacker, Mushataq, to take her to a hospital. My understanding ...
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Usage of the word terrorism

We read in newspapers and watch on TV many cases regarding students gunning down their classmates and teachers. Suppose a student brought a gun to class, pointed it at his friends and teachers, and ...
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Regarding the usage of some 'bad' language [closed]

Is there a legitimate or edifying literary purpose for the many forms of blasphemy (forgive spelling) that have appeared in many modern works of literature. Does it really help a story line or plot or ...
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Has language begun to converge in the age of mass media?

I understand that this question may be perceived as a bit broad for this site, but I've decided to post it anyway. I figured that with the number of linguists, linguaphiles, and all-around language ...
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