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Grammaticality of: “A movement subsequently rose demanding that the King ‘was’(??!) removed as the head of the Church of England”

I am wondering how the Subjunctive Mood functions in the past, considering this sentence: A movement subsequently rose demanding that the King was removed as the head of the Church of England. My ...
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What is the number of the verb in "We require that"? [duplicate]

I am writing a paper in which I need an object to satisfy a condition. (I can give the specifics here, but it seems to be irrelevant to the question.) The object is singular, so I originally wrote (...
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Why is "be" in "this court rules he be put on probation" an infinitive?

I was watching an old movie, The Little Rascals, and one of the lines from a kid goes: Your Honor, may I suggest... this court rules he be put on probation. I am not sure if be is in infinitive form ...
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Shall & Should & the “Mandative Subjunctive”

I came across this distinction between shall and will in Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage: That-clauses after intend or intention, desire, demand, be anxious, &c., have shall & ...
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Which is more correct: "preferred that he do" or "preferred him to do"? [duplicate]

I would like to know which form of this question is “more correct” than the other: What would you have preferred (that) he do? What would you have preferred him to do?
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The usage of "To be"

In this sentence "After 2 years of contribution, the staff held an internal meeting with the director to request that his salary be increased to 2000$ monthly" I wonder why we use "be" but not "to be"...
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Subjunctive Sentences

I have several questions about the subjunctive. Are these two sentences both correct? The police insisted that the car were removed. The police insisted that the car should be removed. Do those ...
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Reference for present perfect subjunctive

I was wondering if anyone knows of a published reference for a subjunctive of this form: It is not possible that Alice have raised her hand that day and the prisoner be still alive. I have been ...
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Does past tense soften tones?

What goes in the blank here? In order for your website to be modern and professional, it is my suggestion that every product ______ more detailed specifications.... have should have shall have ...
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Subtle difference between "I insist he be punished" and "I insist he should be punished"?

I insist he be punished. and I insist he should be punished. What's the SUBTLE difference between them?
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"to require someone to do something" vs "to require that someone do something" [duplicate]

Professor required his students to return their papers typed. vs Professor required that his students return their papers typed. Which of the examples is correct? Do they have the same ...
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What kinds of verbal complement does the verb "request" accept and require? [duplicate]

This verb has me a bit confused. I cannot submit my report personally and therefore have to resort to sending it by post. Now I need a polite way to ask to do this. I request that I send my report ...
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'that' + (pro)noun + infinitive: what grammar is behind such construct? [duplicate]

While reading a technical book, I stumbled upon the following sentence: It is important [that all Java programmers be fully versed in, and comfortable with, the traditional approach]. For me, it's ...
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“it's truly vital that he or she becomes/become familiar with the reasons”? [duplicate]

Please have a look at the sentence below: Before one votes on the propositions, it's truly vital that he or she becomes familiar with the reasons for voting both for the proposition and against the ...
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What's the correct form of the negative subjunctive?

It is essential that [some parameter] be not reset during the day. (1) It is essential that [some parameter] not be reset during the day. (2) Which one is the correct form? I do know the easy way out,...
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"That... be" construction

We will make the convention that exact categories be skeletally small. Is this construction (used in a mathematical context) correct? There is something that strikes me as odd in that "be". Should it ...
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Past subjunctive Vs. Present Subjunctive

The verb be is the only one that has a past subjunctive form. In some cases, be, as a subjunctive, retains its present form even if the sentence is in the past tense. Example: Present: It is ...
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