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What do you call a person who is used by a manager/boss in order to keep their employment?

A person on probation was told to lie by his manager. If they did not comply with the mangers demands, they would have failed their probation, thus, would be unable to remain employed. Are there any ...
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'Authority of Incumbent ' what does this phrase mean in Job description analysis

'Authority of incumbent' in job description Job description A job description is a written statement of what the jobholder actually does, how he or she does it, and under what conditions the job is ...
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Which is most appropriate? "Only do this with {management/management's/managemental} approval."

Which is most appropriate? "Only do this with {management/management's/managemental} approval." I get that the word "management" can be singular or plural. But, can it also be both possessive and ...
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Proverb: If Something is Managed By Many, Things Are Missed

I'm wondering if there is a well-known, documented and succinct proverb that matches the idea of: Too many managers or departments overseeing a single task The task fails because there are too many ...
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What do you call this work disorder?

Initally from this question : I have observed a frequent work disorder (or at ...
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Usage of the word "hand" in the context

We're using a textbook called "English for Management Studies" by Tony Corballis and Wayne Jennings at our English classes at university. I'm saying this so that you know that the following sentence ...
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what is the meaning of "escalation path"?

here's the context: There are clear escalation paths, a clear management chain, and there is information being broadcast to them to help them do their jobs better and more efficiently.
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Is the word "management" singular or plural? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is a company always plural, or are small companies singular? Which one of the following is correct? Management gets its ideas from its employees. Management gets their ...
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what does it mean to be cheerleading a project when you are the boss?

I've heard the expression "the boss is cheerleading a project" where the boss is not really managing the project, but is just encouraging their people for the project to happen. Where does this come ...
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Better synonym for "actionable"?

In managementese, "actionable" means "able to be acted upon". Unfortunately, its primary meaning is "giving sufficient reason to take legal action" in legalese. I'm looking for a better alternative ...
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