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A word or term for extrapolation fallacy or using results beyond their context? [Solved]

I am looking for a word or term that means something like: you are using previous results outside boundaries of the original experiment/observation earlier experience/results does not apply in all ...
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How to express "at least one" or "at least some" (of a countable or uncountable collection respetively), as in antivacuous statements?

Discrete (countable) case example: All/Some of the trees on this block are oak. [And there is at least one oak tree on the block, but possibly two or more.] Continuous (uncountable) case example: All/...
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without X and without Y

I want to express absence of 2 things. For example: It was a pretty day without rain and without snow. Logically: (not X) and (not Y), which is equivalent to: not (X or Y) Therefore, I guess the ...
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Is ‘the reason why’ somehow objectionable?

It has just come to my attention that some consider ‘the reason why’ ungrammatical or otherwise unfortunate. David Crystal mentions it in his introduction to Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English ...
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Why is “all . . . not” apparently more common than “not all ”?

For example, All that glitters is not gold is sort of a fixed term, and people often use the same “all . . . not” form when talking about things. See also the question “Is it wrong to use ‘not’ in ...
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"The associations between x and y " vs "The associations of x with y"

When conducting and reporting a statistical analysis, is it more correct to state: "The associations between x and y " "The associations of x with y"? Or are both equally correct?...
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Ambiguous question

I came across a whatsapp message a few years ago about a question framed in a manner that no matter what the person answers they will be considered that thing they want to deny being. Unfortunately, I ...
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"Between each" and Other Constructions with Fewer than Two Objects

Page 112 of Garner's fourth edition reads ✳Between each and Other Constructions with Fewer than Two Objects This phrasing is a peculiar brand of illogic, ✳between each house/speech,instead of, ...
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Grammatical Rules of Construction or Logic to Resolve Some Seemingly Contradictory Legislation

One of the things attorneys, such as myself, do often is argue over the meaning of a statute. Often this comes down to grammatical arguments about the location of commas, the use of conjunctions, etc. ...
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What gets modified? Confusions with "only" (basic categorical logic)

While learning basic categorical logic, I came across the following sentences: "All kitchens are places for eating" "All kitchens are only places for eating" "All kitchens are places only for eating" ...
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