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tale otherwise so utterly improbable

In Chapter Seven of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, I saw the following sentence: I remembered also the nervous fever with which I had been seized just at the time that I dated my creation, and which ...
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Meaning of the last paragraph ( in bold text ) [closed]

That night we were to have Mr Chamberlain as our dinner guest. ‘I am dining in very bad company,’ he observed, surveying us with a challenging air. We explained how inept and arrogant the action of ...
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poetic license or incorrect mixed conditional

Recently, I have been reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and encountered the following boldfaced sentence: Whence, I often asked myself, did the principle of life proceed? It was a bold question, ...
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19th-century phrasing: Her sympathy was ours

The following is an extract from Frankenstein; I'd like to know what the clause in bold means. Does it have anything to do with being saintly? Does the word sympathy refer to a two-way or one-way ...
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Modern equivalent for "arrah", or for its Irish version, "yarrah"

I was reading an article on dialect discourse markers, and I came across one, namely "arrah", the meaning of which I couldn't fully understand. It was said that it is in some sort a "...
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Meaning of "thousand-fold" in this sentence

What does "a thousand-fold" mean in this sentence? I protest, added my uncle Toby, looking up, as he protested it, towards the top of the ceiling,—that was I her brother, Trim, a thousand-fold, ...
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Meaning of "e'er" in this sentence (sentences that start with e'er/ever)?

I am reading "Tristram Shandy" and as a non-native English speaker struggling very much to grasp the meaning of some sentences. Can someone help me with understanding the meaning of the ...
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Can the "Well regulated militia" part of the 2nd amendment be interpreted as a condition?

There are a couple other questions on this site about this sentence, most notably this one but none of them really focus on whether the second part of the amendment is conditional on the first part. ...
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