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Questions tagged [italics]

Use for questions about italics (In typography, italic type is a cursive typeface based on a stylized form of calligraphic handwriting)

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Do I use italics for hotel and restaurant names?

I'm writing a bio for a friend, and I mention many hotels and restaurants, some of which are foreign. Should I use italics?
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How do I style book titles in a block of italicized text?

Book titles, among others, are commonly written in italics. She had read this quote in Pride and Prejudice. But what should I do if a title appears in a block of text that is already italicized, ...
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34 votes
5 answers

Should punctuation surrounding italicised words be italicised?

This might be a tad off-topic, but I am looking for an English-specific answer. When I’m using italic text to denote emphasis or a quotation, should the italicisation extend to the punctuation ...
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Books and other things with the same name

Is it proper to say "the book and movie Of Mice and Men" even though the two identical terms "Of Mice and Men" do not refer to the same entity? An alternative would be "the book Of Mice and Men and ...
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Correct spelling/italicization of e.g., i.e.? [closed]

Should e.g. and i.e. have periods, e.g. "e.g.", or no periods, eg "eg"? Should they be italicized, e.g. "i.e." or not, eg "i.e"?
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fait accompli – to italicize, or not to italicize

Background I was looking up the rule about italicizing foreign phrases and found an apparent consensus that the criterion is if the phrase is familiar. Well, who gets to decide that? I know perfectly ...
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Usage of italics in writing

In which cases is a word, or a group of words written in italics? Is italics used in specific contexts, or it is quite normal to write words in italics?
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