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Why does the sentence use "doing this" instead of "doing it"

I have two sentences that I was unsure if I needed to use "doing it" or "doing this". Now I know that the correct one is the one with "doing this" but I don't understand ...
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Is "This is my family" an acceptable response to "Who are they?"? [duplicate]

Context: suppose that I am looking at a family picture in an album in my friend’s house. Who are they? It’s my family. (correct) That’s my family. (correct) This is my family. (wrong) They are my ...
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this/it is the case

I got a professional language correction of a paper. The corrector changed several it is (not) the case to this is (not) the case. As an example, Let us assume that A is invertible (although in ...
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is there any difference between 'it' and 'this' to these sentences?

Do they have same meaning? Is there any difference by intuition? What does it signify? What does this signify?
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This, that and it for non-material objects [duplicate]

The question is not about how to use "this, that, it" with material objects, but how to use them with non-material ones? I don't understand (it, that, this) yet. For example: I go to a gym ...
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Does "'tis" means "this is" or "it is"?

I have found much trouble identifying the old word 'tis. Does it mean "this is" or "it is?" I have done some research and found that the dictionaries conflict. One said 'tis :An ...
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