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Is there a word in English which expresses the idea of 'logicate' (which is not an English word)?

I am trying to translate the Greek word λογιξομαι, logitsomai,which is usually translated 'account' or 'reckon' which I do not think quite catch the meaning. In English, we have words for numerical ...
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Is there an intuitive noun for this type of business transaction

In the domain I am working in (business accounting), I'm struggling to find a term to explain an event which takes place. Supposing we have two sides to this business accounting we want to represent: ...
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What is the noun from 'intuitional'? [closed]

I'd like to know what is the noun for 'intuitional'. I think it should be something like 'intuitionality', but with a different spelling or something. The context is about some software being ...
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How to guess/divine definitions from etymology?

I've been using the word 'intuition' to characterise such questions, of which I've asked many, so I'd like to learn or be enlightened about the general methodology. Is there a formal term? ...
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Intuition - "transfix' = to pierce?

I brook the etymology for 'transfix' = 'to pierce', thanks to Yet how does this imply or induce the figurative meaning of "...
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