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Words such as "oh", or "wow", which are used to indicate an isolated emotion on the part of the speaker, without an explicit grammatical relationship to the rest of the sentence.

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Are inserts and interjections the same thing?

I'm reading Biber's Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English. At some point the author lists families of words, which are: lexical words, function words and inserts. And then, after the ...
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Trailing interjection? "So, I'll just take that, then" Is the "then" now? Should it be "than" because I'm taking it rather than you?

This question Are constructions like "That's me out, then" primarily British rather than American? is more about "that's" This question's answers When a person replies with a ...
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Interjection between subordinate and main clauses

I have a question about this modest sentence for which I have no context except that it came to me. Then I wondered about its grammaticality. Because it wasn’t my job—I didn’t work there—I left. ...
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What does Chantor's Talon means?

I was watching the movie Onward (2020), at 48:07, then Ian hear the cops' siren, he exclaims: Chantor's Talon! Cops! What does "Chantor's Talon" mean?
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Is "*now*" acting as an interjection rather than a present of time?

Is "now" an interjection in this sentence: "Now, that's a fast car!" I get pretty confused on deciding if "now" is an acting as an interjection or present time. I think it is an interjection, but ...
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