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Is an adjective justified in the place of the subject in a sentence? [migrated]

I am an ESL Chinese student in China. And I wonder whether it is standard to put an adjective in the place of the subject. Subject is always noun phrases including infinitives, gerunds and noun ...
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2 answers

How to ask someone to reveal a secret

What’s the expression we tell someone when they’re hiding something and we want to know what is it? I was thinking “Drop it” or “Hush” but I realized it was something different.
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Starting a sentence with Why, but not as a question [duplicate]

A grammatically correct way to ask someone a question would be: Why are you still here? If I want to make a statement (instead of a true question), such as, You've been here too long or Your ...
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Terms for grandparents and other relatives [closed]

I’m a teenager from the Midwest. Different people obviously refer to their relatives in many different ways, and I’ve noticed a wide variance in what people call their grandparents. Many people who ...
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Four word, two part phrase containing 'head empty'

I'm trying to recall this phrase that implies someone is carefree, well-meaning but either not very bright in general or is momentarily mentally vacant (from tiredness perhaps). I may have seen it ...
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2 answers

"She bore a child" vs "She gave birth to a child"

The sentence "She gave birth to a child" or "She had a child" is normal. But the verb ‘bear‘ also means ‘to give birth to young‘. Therefore, is the sentence "She bore a child&...
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1 answer

Use of the word "terrestrial" as "something easier to understand" [closed]

I know that the word terrestrial originally meant something relating to the earth. But I think I've heard it being used before meaning something close to home or easier to understand in the context of ...
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"As indicated in the attachment" replacement

When you're writing an email, how to emphasize that the reader should find the evidence in the attached files. Is "As indicated in the attachment" correct?
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How do I distinguish wanting something to happen vs predicting it will happen?

This question comes from arises from cases of shipping as in (romantic) relationship - ping; The Psychology of Shipping and The Psychology of Shipping. What happened was that I saw this forum where 1 ...
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Is there a term for not starting a sentence with the word "I"? [duplicate]

Is there a name for a statement (either written or spoken) that excludes the subject "I"? Some example statements are: "Happy to provide any additional information you might need."...
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What do multiple commas mean, in informal writing?

I've just watched a video about Informal Texting, by 'Sabrina and Friends'. It mentioned multiple ways informal writing can be informed and altered by use of punctuation, emoji and similar changes, as ...
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1 answer

Punctuation rules for informal writing [closed]

I have to write something quite informal while being AND staying in a formal context. For this sake I used a lot of punctuation marks without being certain I did this the right way. Is the following ...
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3 votes
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When writing an informal letter, is it advisable to use the em rule at all?

I must point out before explaining my situation that I'm an English learner. However, for this question I need the help of an expert; that's why I'm asking here and not in ELL. When writing an ...
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