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Could the word "and" imply order of occurence or precedence?

For instance, is there an implied difference between saying "Jack and Jill came home." and "Jill and Jack came home." Could the first one imply that Jack came before Jill, and that Jill came ...
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'In order to' or 'to'

Which sentence is correct and why? What is the difference in meaning? I have already written to you, and I received your reply to submit my documents. I have already written to you, and I ...
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"in order that" vs "in order to"

What's the difference between "in order that" and "in order to"? For example, is there any difference in nuance between the two sentences below? We are all servants of the laws in order to be ...
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"in order to" vs. "for the sake of"

These two phrases seem to be interchangeable in most cases. But I found one case where it seems that "in order to" works, and "for the sake of" sounds like it's not as good a choice of words. ...
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Parallelism with "in order to"

Which of the following is grammatically correct, or are they both gramatically correct? We use this product in order to increase work efficiency and to streamline testing. We use this product in ...
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in order to [gerund] or [infinitive]?

There are few questions and answer on the choice of gerund versus infinitive. From what I understand, when conveying a purpose the infinitive should be used: I use my key in order to open the door. ...
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'To' vs 'in order to' in negative clauses

The answers to this related question suggest that to and in order to are pretty much interchangeable, the former being preferred in informal contexts. My question is about negative clauses. According ...
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Can "and" mean "in order to"?

For example, in the sentence I went to town and did some shopping. Can we safely assume this means I went to town in order to do some shopping? In other words, did the person go to town in order ...
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"In order to...", "To..." or "For..."

What preposition should we use to start a sentence where we first explain a purpose and then a method to achieve it? Example 1 Purpose = pass the exams Method = study a lot In order to pass the ...
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