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achieve (at least some) reduction

In an article I am writing, I use the following sentence: "Despite our hypothesis, the time-based switching strategy performs the best and achieves at least 29% reduction in falls." I am confused ...
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"In which" or "of which"? [closed]

I was writing the following sentence and became lost in thought. I wasn't sure whether to use "of which" or "in which". Are either correct? If not, what is? Strict-liability crimes are crimes [of/...
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"Reduction of"? "Reduction in"? Either? Different?

For example: "This has led to a reduction in/of the severity of poverty." I tend to think "a reduction in" refers more to intensity and number, whereas "a reduction of" emphasizes the action. As in:...
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I am an intern of/in/at [company name]?

I want to say that I am doing my internship in/at [company name]. Please give me some more examples using the word "intern" or "internship". There seem to be differences between e.g. hospital and ...
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"A teaching assistant in/of/for Applied Quantitative Methods"

I am a Teaching Assistant in/of/for Applied Quantitative Methods Which preposition is correct this context? And why?
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"Habitat selection in/of birds", "concept in/of statistics", "theme in/of evolution"

It seems to me that in and of work equally well in sentences such as these: Habitat selection in birds is frequently studied. Habitat selection of birds is frequently studied. ...
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"In" vs. "of" after the superlative form of adjectives

Hanna's the youngest member of the team. Why isn't it "in the team"? The rule that we covered in out textbook New Total English pre-intermediate says that we use in with groups of people and ...
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