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Questions about English relating to words, phrases, or expressions which originate in the Hindustani (Hindi–Urdu) language.

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Was it common to use the noun mem-sahib outside India?

I have recently seen the noun mem-sahib, used to refer a white foreign woman living in India, in two different books. The books are Indian Passion and Nowhere in Africa. I have not found any ...
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Is there a word/idiom/proverb for this Hindi phrase? [duplicate]

I'd like to know if there is anything for this in English which is roughly: Shoot many arrows, one will fit. I am from India and we have an idiom dedicated to it in Hindi but I, literally, ...
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3 answers

What is the equivalent proverb/idiom for Hindi saying in English?

Muh mein ram ram bagal mein churi It means Speak praise on the face and stab him from behind.
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The word Hindu in American English

I, as an Indian, am often surprised when the Americans use the word Hindu, when they actually mean The country of India The Indian subcontinent The Hindi language (possibly) whereas it should ...
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Equivalent proverb in English for falsely blaming other things for your lack of ability [duplicate]

There's a proverb in Hindi which literally translates to: (He/she/You/they) doesn't know how to dance and falsely blames the floor for being crooked/broken/skewed What is an equivalent English ...
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Is there an English equivalent of the Hindi saying “sau chuhe maar billi haj ko chali”? (After killing/eating 100 mice, the cat goes on a pilgrimage)

In Hindi language, there is a prevalent saying: sau chuhe maar billi haj ko chali which, if directly translated into English, becomes After killing/eating 100 mice, the cat goes on a pilgrimage ...
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2 answers

I'm translating English to Hindi, what's it called when the translations are with English characters?

I'm translating English to Hindi, what's it called when the translations are with English characters? For example, "love" comes up as "Pyāra" and "प्यार". I need the "Pyāra" word in my dictionary.
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Word for Majboor - A person who is forced to do something because of the circumstances.

We use "majboor" in Hindi to describe such a person. Google says that "helpless" means unable to defend oneself or to act without help. Is that the word for the same or there is something else?
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Where does the word "totty" come from?

There's been a nice bit of totty on TV over the holiday period; that is attractive women. girls or women collectively regarded as sexually desirable: But what is the etymology of the word? It's ...
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