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Why can't a full stop be used to end titles and section headings?

According to many official sources a full stop should not be used to end titles [1, 2]. But they never mention why. Other questionable sources mention using a full stop to end a title lowers reading ...
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Modifying a verb, clause, and sentence [closed]

Heads of a clause and a sentence are verbs. Doesn’t it mean modifying a verb and modifying a clause and sentence are the same?
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"As they are referred" vs. "As they appear" when we discuss terms and their definitions

I have a technical document that starts with an introduction section describing the key terms that are used in the document. What is the proper way to name this section? Path component names as they ...
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"Number of X" or "X" in table headings? [closed]

Would you feel that it is acceptable (in academic writing) to use "Files" and "Lines" instead of "Number of files" and "Number of lines" in table headings when ...
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Using a capital letter for every word of a title [duplicate]

I have to write a post for my college website and it is the format of a "listicle". An introduction followed by short paragraphs with each paragraph getting a heading. My question is ...
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Which style guides recommend capitalization of headings and which do not?

Our company produces educational materials for doctors. These document are printed matter, web pages and PDF files. And our information is organized and broken down by levels of headings. I need to ...
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In MLA, how is the first page heading formatted with co-authors?

Typically, you structure MLA: John Smith Professor Adam Houser English 105 3 December 2015 (Page Header: "Smith 1") How would you arrange this for a co-written paper? I could not find any ...
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Data filtering VS Sampling Process

I am writing on a write up of how i obtained my sample from a large population. But I am contemplating whether I should categorize them under 'data filtering' or a 'sampling process'. Any idea what ...
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Which words to capitalize in Master thesis headings?

I'm writing my Master thesis in English and now I do not know about the headings. Do I have to write heading in upper or only lower case printing? For example: Processing and Distribution ...
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Can tag lines or headings for technical documents be a juxtaposition of words?

I thought of a small wiki heading Software Pricing and Pricing software with details covered in the body section. Software Pricing means how to price software while Pricing Software means software ...
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Alternative for Challenge as section header

All, I am preparing a technical document for a process. Another team will do the implementation based on the document. I want to have a section which will outline some of the challenges they will ...
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Is there a Name for this Style of Capitalisation?

It seems quite common on the web to capitalise certain words in a heading, or navigation bar, but not others. Here are some examples: Visit the Member's Page How to Format (as seen on this very ...
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Rules for capitalization in presentation titles [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which words in a title should be capitalized? Hi everyone, I am German and the German language follows very strict rules of capitalization: A word starts with an upper case ...
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What section heading for a CV, regrouping things you do for the community?

In a university researcher's curriculum vitæ, it is typical to split items between categories such as Education, Research activity, Publications, Teaching, etc. I want to include as a separate ...
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