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"... we should have got to Paris" vs. "... we should be in Paris"

I'm confused by the two sentences below. Are they both subjunctive mood? Both of them use "by now", but one uses "should be" and another uses "should have done" to ...
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Would you say, "She was quiet after she'd been back from school," or "She was quiet after she'd gotten back from school"? [closed]

I don't know if these two choices are just preference or not. On a side note, would it sound better if you say "ever since" or "since" in place of the word "after"? ...
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Had come to know? Is that correct grammar/English?

I am in the process of writing a speech about my experiences of being homeless, and I have run into a situation in which my advisor's opinion of the proper grammar/phrasing of a sentence and my own ...
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Ambiguity regarding got/gotten usage (in AmE) [duplicate]

I am aware of the way to use got/gotten in BrE vs AmE. I have come across a phrase which, to my eyes at least, seems one where both can be used (we're talking about AmE now). He opened his drawer ...
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Usage difference between "Have got" and "Have gotten" in AmE [duplicate]

In the following AmE examples: (a) I have contacted them. I haven't got their answer (b) I have contacted them. I haven't gotten their answer My first interpretation would be that in (a) I could ...
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Should I use got or gotten? [duplicate]

Violence has got worst over the years. Or Violence has gotten worst over the years.
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Haven't got or haven't gotten? [duplicate]

Which is correct? I haven't gotten any sleep since Monday I haven't got any sleep since Monday (Are both of these sentences wrong? Should I use "I haven't slept since Monday" instead?) Thank you x
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they would've got away with/would've gotten away with it [duplicate]

Which is right: They would’ve got away with it. They would’ve gotten away with it. I am interested in what we would say in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not in the United ...
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Is there past tense form of 'got'? [closed]

Is 'gotten' the past tense form of 'got' or is there even a word gotten?
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Steve Jobs’s Stanford speech: this is the closest I've ever **gotten** to a college graduation?

I'm watching Steve Jobs’s speech at Stanford: There is a sentence I'm not clear, which of following is correct? and this is the closest I've ...
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"I've gotten better-looking as I get older" When did "gotten" re-enter the BrEng vernacular?

This summer I went to Ireland, to be more precise Dublin. Overall good weather and good fun. Anyway, while I was staying in Dublin I'd buy the local newspaper and one tabloid headline caught my eye. ...
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American English [duplicate]

I notice that Americans use the word 'gotten' when we in Britain just use 'got' - is 'gotten' accepted American English, that is, used and accepted in English examination papers, or is it a type of ...
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Should I use "got" or "gotten" in the following sentence?

I can't figure out whether to use got or gotten in the following sentence: I no longer recognized my own skin, my own feelings, my own thoughts. It was as if the real me had got/gotten lost on ...
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Shouldn't have got or gotten [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Difference between “I have got” and “I have gotten” In this example, my teacher thinks it should be got, but I feel like gotten is better: I shouldn't have got / gotten ...
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Is “I wouldn’t have got left” grammatical?

In American English, is the following sentence grammatical? If I had run faster, I wouldn’t have got left.
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Difference between "I have got" and "I have gotten"

I see these two expressions are used almost identically in different contexts. Is there a difference between I have got and I have gotten?
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