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For questions about the use of "get" and a past participle form: e.g. "get fired", "get broken".

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Use of 'Get' in a particular type of sentences

I just want to know whether the sentences below are grammatically correct or not – His / that attitude gets me irked. Is the use of word 'get' acceptable in such cases? His / that attitude irks me. ...
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"This is not getting washed" What is the function of "getting" in the sentence [closed]

I have seen a few sentences where the structure looks like this subject + to be + verb-ing + verb in past. Is this grammatically correct?
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Meaning of "get a word in edgeways" [closed]

This is Wikipedia text about the Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun: "Hamsun was eventually invited to meet with Hitler; during the meeting, he complained about the German civilian administrator in ...
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When is 'get' interchangeable with 'be' and do we use 'have' only when it has a causative meaning?

Get In (1) we can interchange was with get and thus we have (2). However, this is not only the case as in (3), we cannot use get instead of is, like in (4). How can we tell whether is interchangeable ...
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What is the meaning of 'should have got forgotten'? [duplicate]

I came across the following passage: In August that year, Baleson wrote to his friend Francis Galton: “I am writing to ask you to look up the paper of Mendl [sic] [which] seems to me one of the ...
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Passive Voice to active voice conversion doubt

Can anyone convert this passive voice to active voice, please. For my understanding. (I'm really confused with passive and active voice) First of all, throughout history education has been reserved ...
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What is the difference between had and got? [closed]

Are there any significant differences in uses or meanings between these two words? Between the two example sentences below, does one sentence have a slightly different meaning compared to the other, ...
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Questions about "get" and "be"

Is it good English to write the following passive sentences, considering that it should describe what a system is doing in general (but maybe not necessarily at the moment)? I am interested in the ...
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How many ways can we make inform passive? [closed]

Is this sentence correct? "The results weren't informed us."
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Meaning of the statement "I got my"

Does anybody know the difference between these two statements? My hands got stuck in the drain. I got my hands stuck in the drain.
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Present participle

Is possible to say "bored" in present participle? How I understand it is past participle. I want to say "I am seeing, how she is feeling bored at the lesson now." and I want to use present continuous....
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"got accepted" or "was accepted"?

Well, a letter that I wrote to a school included a sentence like this: I got accepted with a full scholarship... Then, a friend of mine from America changed it to: I was accepted with a full ...
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In "get married," etc., is "married" a verb or an adjective?

I am not sure how to explain these phrases to a nonspeaker of English. Have all these examples the same form? Get (v) married (v past participle) or it is Get(v) married (adj) ? Get (v) engaged (v ...
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Is "Let's get started" passive voice or not?

Is the idiomatic expression 'get started' (as in "Let's get started") a passive construction? Or is 'started' here an adjective? EDIT As John Lawler has suggested in his answer, let's not get ...
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Do you “get killed” or do you “be killed”?

Wondering which version is correct of these two sentences: "I will go to war where I will be killed." or "I will go to war where I will get killed." I was thinking it might be an american english ...
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"got engaged" vs. "became engaged"

On the one hand, During the course of the summer, Esther got engaged. sounds weak and informal. On the other hand, During the course of the summer, Esther became engaged. sounds weird, ...
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get+verb(passive) vs verb

I can't tell what the difference is between the following two sentences: I need to get that figured out. I need to figure that out. I heard the first sentence from my friend and he is a native ...
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still *"getting published", "being published", or just "published"? [closed]

Which is correct and why? a) The New York Times is a daily American newspaper founded on September 18, 1851, and is still getting published in New York City. b) The New York Times is a daily ...
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"When did you born?" or "When were you born?" [closed]

Should I say "When did you born?" or "When were you born?"?
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"If he gets killed" - does the "get" here represents the passive? [duplicate]

I know that the "get" word has so many meanings and I try to figure out what function it has in the sentence: "If he gets killed" I know "get" can be used to create a passive (so without, would it ...
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Passive with "to get"

In spoken English (at least in America), passives are often formed with "to get" rather than "to be;" I would wager the majority of the time: he got hit by a car I get driven to work I've gotten ...
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Grammar of "married" in "getting married"

What is the grammar of the word married in this sentence? They are getting married in April.
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