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How to construct grammatically correct sentences containing the word "want"? [closed]

Is there any difference between these three sentences? Which one is correct or sounds more naturally? 1. You wanted us to get caught. 2. You wanted us to be caught. 3. You wanted to get us caught.
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"getting eaten" vs "being eaten"

There was a passage which had a blank, which I had to fill in. The sentence was ...can save a worm from _______ up by a bird. I wrote getting eaten, but was informed that the correct answer was ...
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Question about the proscribed use of “have” along with “get” or “be” [duplicate]

I have asked before and been told that along with the usage of have, there shouldn't be any other words like be or get, as the have already conveys the meaning on its own. Example 1: She never had ...
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"Better have it get fired at someone" - get fired?

I know "get" has so many meanings but I just do cannot figure out the right one here: If you establish a gun in Act 1, you better have it get fired at somebody by Act 3. Would it not work ...
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Have somebody get (verb)

I have asked a question that turned out to be more complicated than I thought. It consists of the meanings of GET and HAVE somebody DO something constructions. What I understood, I will have him ...
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You will get/be hit by a ball - is there a difference?

I am struggling with understanding get vs be: He is so slow, he will get hit by the ball. VS He is so slow, he will be hit by the ball. It is the same? I know that get can replace be or ...
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"be getting to do" [closed]

Is "I'm getting to forget about him" correct? Or does it mean that someone tries not to forget but he/she does it like when the time pass? I'm really curious, so please help.
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"He was getting beaten" vs. "he was being beaten"

I would need to understand the difference here: He was being beaten. He was getting beaten. I know "get" + ppt can be either passive voice or a change of state. What is that in this example? I ...
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Is the proper phrase "Be Discovered" or "Get Discovered"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is “to get” sometimes used where “to be” could be used? I am working on a website and I'm having a little difficulty selecting an appropriate ...
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How different is “Be rid of somebody” from “Get rid of somebody”? Are they interchangeable?

In the movie review article of Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar” in the New Yorker magazine (November 14) titled “the Man in Charge,” there was the following sentence: “A single scene with Robert F. ...
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Use 'got' instead of 'was'? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is “to get” sometimes used where “to be” could be used? Sometimes I hear people say things like this: I just got robbed. (Personally I would rather say 'I was robbed' ...
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"Got promoted" vs. "Was promoted"

Should I use got or was in the sentence below? Many years thereafter, he ... promoted to [...] This might be somewhat related to this question, but I'm not sure. Edit: After reading some of the ...
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Why is "to get" sometimes used where "to be" could be used?

Why is "to get" sometimes used where "to be" could be used? Is this usage grammatical? Examples: The video got uploaded to the web site. The video was uploaded to the web site. He ...
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