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for questions involving gestures that require appropriate words or fixed phrases as answers, **not** for requests for photographs / illustrations depicting gestures

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How would one describe a sound of boredom?

Specifically, if a person gave a heavy short and gruff sigh, and said. "I'm booooorrrrreeeeed!" then made a sound that kinda had "uuuugggghhhhh" in it but as more of a sigh. How ...
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What term describes vocalizing while flapping the lips with one's finger?

In the English-speaking world, and probably also in many other cultures, you can signal imbecility or infancy (on the part of the first, second, or a third person) by keeping your mouth closed, or ...
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What are ways to describe when someone gives a curious look or if their interest is piqued

I usually use something along the lines of blatantly saying "He gave a curious look/shot a curious glance." However, does anyone know ways to describe someone gesturing with their face a ...
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Is there a name for (the shape of) linking two hands by gripping wrists?

Is there a term for this form of holding hands in which each person grips the other's wrist, as might be used to form a strong link in a kid's game like Red Rover or in an action movie after catching ...
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What's another word for aggressively turning over? [closed]

Looking for something to describe those scenes in a movie where a person aggressively turns over in bed, pulling the sheets over them and whatnot. I've left it at "turning over" for now, but ...
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A word, gesture or expression for a confident "shrug"

I am trying to look for a word, gesture or expression that represents a state of confident not knowing. So far I am using a shrug for this but when used often it starts to come off as very apathetic ...
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How better can I describe this gesture? [closed]

I am trying to find a more "optimised" way to say the below. Edna feels that Felix is being condescending but he is not so he shows it through his gesture but the whole thing feels very ...
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A Word for the Gesture: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [closed]

What may be a word for this gesture: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯? It's kind of a shrug, like when someone asks where you want to go for dinner, but any option will do, so instead of saying anything you just raise your ...
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Two people holding fingers (not hands), one leading the other

Is there a word or phrase to describe the act of taking someone by a finger or a few fingers, but not the whole hand, to lead them somewhere/to show them something? It's an intimate and sometimes ...
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Single word for (shrugging) hands action

If you want to convey "What now?" or "I don't know what to do", you might lift your hands up and outwards. Is there a word or phrase for this action and intent? Closest I can think of is 'She shrugged ...
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Word for gesture of pinching cheeks

Is there a word / expression for the gesture of pinching someone's cheeks to show affection. It is often done to kids although people with dimples are also a frequent target for this kind of gesture.
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What is the word for the gesture when someone takes three fingers and kisses it into the air?

You often see this with Italians, especially when complimenting some food they just ate, but it has evolved into a more universal gesture. Take the thumb, index, and middle finger, gather them ...
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Is there a name for the gesture Buddy Christ is doing?

Is there a name, term, or idiom for this gesture, the one buddy christ is doing here? Or a name similar to this gesture?
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Suitable English word to express tongue motion

I am actually a little bit confused to how to say the following tongue motion? I am actually talking about tongue out with somewhat between the teeth. Is sticking tongue out a suitable word for it (...
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What's this gesture called?

It's used to be pretty frequent in movies where I think the person after accomplishing a big task would want to convey to the viewers that "I am awesome and a hot-shot". It starts with bringing your ...
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What does it mean to beat one's hands together?

In Bram Stoker's Dracula, characters are described as beating their hands together (see chapters 21, 17, and 11), typically in situations of stress or helplessness. What is this gesture? At first, I ...
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Is there a term that means doing "funny hand gestures”?

For example, the I Love You gesture: Or the Vulcan salute: Or the V for Victory: What is the general name for all of these actions? Would you say they are funny hand gestures? What verb should it ...
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Synonyms for the meaning of the 'shrugging' gesture

'Shrugging' is a gesture we make with our shoulders. Now I'm not strictly looking for synonyms of the actual gesture of shoulder shrugging, but rather words that convey the same emotion as when ...
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What is the hand gesture for shutting someone up?

I don't remember what it's called. Not the single finger on the lips but the full hand. I'm writing a story and can't find another way to write. Haha
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Is there a word that describes this gesture of interlocking hands on the lower stomach?

Specifically, I am referring to the traditional gesture some female service staff members seem to do, when demonstrating their work or their readiness to receive orders. Also, this is the gesture ...
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What is an adjective to describe what this baby is doing? [closed]

I was saving an animated gif (over 2MB in size) to my PC, but couldn't think of what to name it. After a few minutes of staring at [some adjective]baby.gif I figured I'd put it to you guys. I was ...
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A single word name for the "I don't know" gesture

I have no idea if it is country specific, but in our country if someone doesn't know something he or she would put their lower lip forward. However, I cannot find a name for this lip gesture. Any ...
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What the gesture of sticking out the tongue signify as a body language among native English speakers? [closed]

My question does not regard the word, but a facial expression. Albert Einstein’s picture of sticking out his tongue is so popular and humorous, but I’ve been wondering under what situation the ...
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He nodded his head yes; she shook her head no

Here I am editing this book I am trying to get ready for publication. I am running into a number of places where I've got nodding and shaking of the head in response to questions. The original ...
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