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Questions tagged [fused-head-constructions]

Fused-head constructions are various types of noun phrases (NPs) whose head noun is “missing” and so can be said to be “fused” with its dependent determiners, cardinal numerals, and modifiers. The leaves the remaining determiner, numeral, or modifier now acting as the head of the NP. This does not turn it into a noun.

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2 answers

Is this usage of "whoever's" acceptable?

This question sparked a long conversation in the ELU chatroom and I figured the crowd might have some additional insight. Is the following sentence correct? Whoever’s car is blocking my driveway must ...
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"in the Hebrew it ..." vs "in Hebrew it ..." - what is the difference of meaning in this paragraph of Milton and in general?

In book one of The Doctrine & Discipline of Divorce, it is written: The cause of divorce mention’d in the Law is translated some uncleannesse, but in the Hebrew it sounds nakednes of ought, or ...
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What is the word class of 'third' here?

What is the word class of third in the following sentence? When two dogs fight over a bone the third carries it away. Is it a pronoun (because it replaces dog) or an adjective describing the third ...
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Modifiers denoting colour, provenance, and composition in a fused-head noun phrases

In section 9.3 Fusion of internal modifier and head, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (Page 417) says: (d) Modifiers denoting colour, provenance, and composition [25] i Henrietta likes ...
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What is the opposite of "the deaf are"?

Could someone help me with the (or "a") correct opposite of the deaf are (deaf as defined in this National Association of the Deaf article)? Saying the non-deaf are does not sound nice.
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Why is there no article before "key" in "key amongst them being ..."?

Why is there no article before key in the sentence? There are however pressing challenges for both systems, key amongst them being the need for better IT skills on the part of students and teachers. ...
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