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Why can you say “not only will I” but not “not only I will”?

Given: Not only will I be skipping the breakfast, but the lunch too. Not only ❌I will be skipping the breakfast, but the lunch too. Why does sentence (2) sound so terribly wrong? Why is sentence (1) ...
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Subordinate conjunction "Just as": different meaning depending on the position in the sentence?

I was searching for sentences with just as in the meaning of "in the same way as". It seems to me that subordinate sentences with just as can either describe 'the way' something is being ...
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Two adverbs in a row: "I counted my classmates one by one out loud." [closed]

Separation, if any, between two adverbs: (1) I counted my classmates one by one out loud. (2) I counted my classmates one by one, out loud. [comma] (3) I counted my classmates one by one and out loud. ...
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I just remembered or i have just remembered? [duplicate]

Suppose I wrote someone an email and told him something. After a few days, it occurred to me that I forgot to tell him about other things. What is correct in this situation: Hi marc, I have just ...
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"Typical liberal bulls-t" or "typically liberal bulls-t"?

My liberal friend wrote that he's gonna do some research soon. I asked, "Into what?" "[Redacted.] Typically liberal bullshit," he replied self-depricatingly. Then he corrects himself: "*typical" But ...
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Just for vs. For just [duplicate]

In the sentence, "Close your eyes, for just a moment..." which is more correct: "For just a moment;" "Just for a moment?"
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"We just need to rename" or "We need just to rename" [duplicate]

I want to say that just in case we want to rename something (in programming) we should do something. Which of the sentences is correct? In case we need just to rename the message... In case we ...
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I've just bought vs. I just bought vs. I bought [duplicate]

I bought an English grammar book 3 weeks ago. Is it correct to use any of the following sentences interchangeably to tell my friend that I bought the book, or is there a difference in meaning between ...
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Are focusing adverbs exceptions of adverb definitions?

“Adverbs characteristically modify verbs and other categories except nouns, especially adjectives and adverbs.” (The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, p.563) “The basic division, then, is ...
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has just had or just had a baby

My question is not whether the correct grammar is either "She has just had a baby" or "She just had a baby". I am aware that the official grammar is "She has just had a baby". But in a way that ...
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Differences between "just might" and "might just?"

Can someone help me understand more precisely the connotative differences between "just might" and "might just I came upon this dilemma while working on a short comic strip. In the first panel, a ...
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