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Choosing the best phrase FROM A GIVEN SELECTION for a particular context or meaning.

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Each other vs. one another [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When should I use “each other” vs. “one another”? It occurred to me recently that I've been using these phrases interchangeably (basing my decision ...
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What does the most common usage of 'Korea' mean in modern-day English-speaking world?

On Meta.Travel.SE, we have a debate whether our 'Korea' tag should be mapped to 'South Korea'. One of the answers - from the moderator who made the synonym mapping - is that common usage of the word '...
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Should I say "have a good night" at 5:00 PM?

We're off work at 5:00PM. I've never tried to say "have a good night" at this time of day. In fact, I wouldn't even say it at all unless I'd like to say it to someone who is heading to bed. When I'm ...
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How to check phrasing and word choices?

I'm a native speaker of French, and even though I think I have a rather good level in English, I always try to keep an open mind. (I learned English by absorbing from a lot of sources: TV, movies, ...
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Any other good way of saying "Happy Birthday"?

Quite a few of my friends are having their birthdays in the coming weeks. I feel a little awkward posting plain words like "Happy Birthday" on their Facebook pages. I've decided I should come up with ...
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Is the expression 'more alike' awkward or does it work in an interface?

I want to create a button on an interface that will show me more items (cars) of the same kind (or similar in characteristics). I was thinking of 'more like this' but this is a bit too long and the ...
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How about 'play cute' or 'play adorable'?

I wonder if 'play cute' or 'play adorable' is frequently used to stand for 'act cute/adorable' in spoken language. It seems easier to google out 'act cute/adorable' instead of 'play cute/adorable'.
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To live in ignorance of just happiness [closed]

Is it a valid phrase? Please, accept or reject it. Maybe there is other exact expression.
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Difference between "meant to" and "supposed to"

Those two expressions have close meaning: He is not meant to do this He is not supposed to do this What is the difference between them, and when I should use one or the other?
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Is "many fewer combinations" correct?

Is the expression "many fewer combinations" correct? It only gets about 600 hits on Google, against 1,200 for "a lot fewer combinations". What would be a correct way of expressing the idea contained ...
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Is there a term I can use for a boss's favorite employee?

Over dinner tonight, one of the guests was describing herself as her boss's favorite employee, and asked for a term to describe this. As the only guest who spoke English as a first language, the ...
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"Please advise" -- why is this a common turn of phrase for foreign speakers of English?

I was just browsing through StackOverflow just now, and randomly hit on this question, where the question-asker signed off his request with a "please advise." Certain I'd heard this turn of phrase ...
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"Add connections" or "Create connections"?

I am building an interface for making connections between items. When viewing a particular item, the user has the possibility of connecting it to other existing items, by selecting them from a list. ...
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"You are not going to be able to ... " versus "you can't ..." [closed]

Are there any differences between these two expressions?
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Compact rephrasing of "In contrast to previous work, our method ...."

I am writing an abstract for a paper, where I say the following: "In contrast to previous work, our method does not rely on ...." Then, about three sentences later, I would like to use a similar ...
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"Password Reset Mail" or "Reset Password Mail"?

We are working on a web project that has a password reset feature. Now the problem is, between "Password Reset Mail" and "Reset Password Mail", which is better?
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