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Should a sound be capitalized or punctuated with "!" in the middle of a sentence?

He ran fast as the wind out of the cave when the rock went "clunk" on his head. I am not sure how to write clunk here. ...went "Clunk!" on his head. ...went "clunk" on ...
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Punctuating nested quotations

I am editing a novel and I have some questions on how to punctuate nested quotations (or quotations within quotations). Here is the first example: "I kept saying ‘it’s fake’ and ‘he did this’ ...
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? and ! after a question, what does it mean [duplicate]

I grew up learning that an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence refers to a sentence that should be read with, anger or loud emphasis or excitement:
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Do I always need a capital letter after an exclamation mark? [duplicate]

Do I always need a capital letter after an exclamation mark or a question mark? I'm bilingual with french, and, especially in older works, I've often stumbled upon exclamation marks or question marks ...
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Quoted Titles & Possessives -- Journalistic Style

The Associated Press (they never use italics) punctuates the possessive of titles in quotes like this: "Jeopardy!'s" subtleties of language ... . (actual excerpt from The AP) If a question mark ...
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Correct use of exclamation mark in 'wham wham wham'

Please let me know in which of the two sentences below the exclamation mark is used correctly: I then slapped the fisherman three times, wham, wham, wham! I then slapped the fisherman three ...
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"server, please!" -- is there a comma in there?

Related to youtube/5ycx9hFGHog, I'd like to know whether it is correct or incorrect to put a comma between "server" and "please", when writing about an act of calling one's server, whether the "please"...
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In old books, why is the first letter of the word after the exclamation mark not capitalised?

I was reading Frankenstein and I've noticed that the word after the exclamation mark usually isn't capitalised (unless it's a noun). Some of the quotes I've found: Alas! who is safe, if she be ...
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What is the origin of the exclamation mark?

Granted this applies to more than English, but I hope it's not off topic. Recently I wondered when the exclamation point/mark entered our language and how. I did search the site for an answer and ...
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Usage of question and exclamation marks with quotation marks in work of fiction

I am writing a novel. I have doubts how should I use question marks and exclamation marks in conjunction with quotation marks. I have written 5 separate sentences to illustrate this issue: He ...
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Should I use double punctuation inside and outside parentheses? [duplicate]

Which one of the following sentences is correct (or more acceptable): Honor your creativity and write down anything that comes to mind (no matter how silly!). Honor your creativity and write ...
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Possessive apostrophe for song title ending in a exclamation and in quotes

I'm subbing a piece a of writing that contains the following sentence. ‘Press Heavenwards!’ exclamation mark gives away a Godspeed influence. 'Press Heavenwards!' is a song title that includes an ...
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If a sentence ends with a place name that ends with an exclamation mark, what punctuation should follow?

There are a few place names in the world that end with exclamation marks; for example, Westward Ho! and Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!. I suppose there are multiple cases here: If an ordinary statement ends ...
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Exclaiming Questions [duplicate]

What is the correct way to write a question you would verbally ask in a higher tone of voice? How is this possible?! OR How is this possible!? The subtlety lies in the punctuation. Thanks
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When do you use the exclamation mark?

I get confused on when to use the exclamation mark "!". Are there concise rules on when to use the exclamation mark "!"?
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Ending a sentence with "?!" or "!?"

When ending a sentence with a ? and a !, is there a rule which one comes first? That is, ?! or !?? If either is okay, are they interchangeable, or for difference circumstances?
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Is there a difference between “?!” and “!?”? [closed]

Is there any difference between “?!” and “!?”? The Wikipedia page on Interrobang describes: In informal English, the same inflection is usually notated by ending a sentence with first a question ...
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Punctuation after the interjection "by heaven" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exclamation marks in the middle of a sentence How would you punctuate the following phrase with "by heaven"? It was used by a cricket commentator. By heaven that's a ...
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Salutation punctuation: is "Hi!," okay? [closed]

A friend of mine uses both an exclamation mark and a comma in his letter salutations, like so: Hi George!, I have never seen this before, and was wondering if it's grammatically kosher. Thoughts?
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Why is the exclamation mark called a "bang"?

Why is the exclamation mark called a bang? Bang is used to mean the sound of something falling but these days I hear it frequently used to mean the exclamation mark, especially in IT related texts.
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Which punctuation mark dominates?

If a question is asked in surprise, informally many people use "?!" as their ending punctuation, as in the following: What did you do to my sausages?! According to the accepted answer in this ...
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Where to use "!", ";", "`" [closed]

Where should I use the following symbols while writing something in English language? ! — exclamation mark ; — semicolon ` — grave accent
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Punctuation of an exclamative question

What is the proper way of writing an exclamative question: What are you doing!? What are you doing?! or is it better to just leave it as a simple question?
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Should we always use the exclamation mark in expressions like "thank you", "my pleasure", etc?

If someone (for example, John) retweets my tweet, should I add the exclamation mark in my reply? Which of the following options is correct: Thank you for the RT, John! Thank you for the RT, John. I ...
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Exclamation marks in the middle of a sentence

Would this usage of exclamation mark be correct? I want to — honest! — give you a slap! Yes, I know, it's a quite bad example, but I wonder if this usage of an exclamation inside a sentence is ...
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Does the word after a question mark start with a capital letter? [duplicate]

Should I write it like this? Or perhaps like this? Should I write it like this? or perhaps like this? What about after an exclamation mark or semicolon?
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What does an exclamation mark inside parentheses "(!)" mean?

What does an exclamation mark inside parentheses "(!)" mean? I saw this in a book review I was reading and I didn't understand what the use of it was. Can someone help me?
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What to do if a sentence ends with "Yahoo!"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to handle a name that includes an exclamation point (or other punctuation)? Just like the title of this question. I was reading an article about CAPTCHAs on Wikipedia and ...
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When and how should I use multiple exclamation marks?

Now, I never do this, but in some few cases I have seen people use multiple exclamation (or question) marks like this: Hey!!! Is that orthographically correct? (Or just okay). In case it is, how ...
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Is it ever correct to have a space before a question or exclamation mark?

In written English (mainly online) I often come across sentences ending with a question or an exclamation mark with a space before it. Is it always just an error or a typo? Or there are cases when it ...
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Using Multiple Sentence Stoppers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a standard ordering for the question mark and the exclamation mark used together? When writing an exclamation-question like: What you you mean, I'm fired Don't you think ...
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Is there a standard ordering for the question mark and the exclamation mark used together?

We've all wanted to express certain questions, rhetorical or not, with annoyance, excitement, surprise, frustration and so on. What better way than with both a question mark (?) and an exclamation ...
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