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4 votes
2 answers

Verb agreement after a singular noun followed by etc?

I was just looking at some programming comments that are full of Euroenglish/ESL English etc, most of which I know how to fix into native "standard" English, until I came to this line: But ...
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Complex lists with the use of semicolon and "etc."

I know a thing or two about using "etc." and semicolon, but not when they come together. Help me to look at the example if you may: ToolsPhotoshop, Illustrator, After Effects; Wacom Tablet, ...
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etc. etc. usage [closed]

Is there any rule to use etc. twice like etc. etc.
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When "etc." is followed by "that", does it still require a comma?

Example: The lights, displays, sounds, shakers, etc. that attract the operators' attention to various situations (...) Compared to: The lights, displays, sounds, shakers, etc., that attract the ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Is it correct to abbreviate etc as &c?

I recently asked someone why they had several instances of "&c" in their writing, to which they told me that &c is another abbreviation for et cetera. I have since looked it up and understand ...
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Using [sic] to correct "etc" without a period [closed]

I am quoting a passage that uses the abbreviation etc. ... except that the etc has no period after it. I read here that you can use [sic] to indicate a punctuation error, but should I bother using it ...
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Should I put a comma after etc.? [duplicate]

Many people use the phrase etc. in their writing. However, I have never come across an example of using a comma after it. So, is it Almost everybody uses Wi-Fi in their daily lives – be it gaming, ...
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2 answers

Multiple 'et cetera' use [closed]

Sometimes people say "etc., etc." at the end of a list to whimsically suggest many more items. Is this grammatical? Is it acceptable in a professional or academic context?
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1 answer

When using the abbreviation etc., should it be parenthetical, i.e. enclosed between commas?

I was re-reading The Elements of Style when I noticed a remark I had previously overlooked in the third rule of usage (Enclose parenthetic expressions between commas.). The abbreviations etc., i.e., ...
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When putting "etc." in the middle of a sentence, do you use "etc," or "etc.," or "etc."?

Example: If you forgot your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorent, etc., you will not be allowed to attend. Make sure you bring your fishing pole, tackle, bait, etc. as we will not make any stops. If you ...
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1 answer

A period between an abbreviation and other punctuation? [duplicate]

What rules apply to punctuation for an abbreviation, such as "etc," where another punctuation character follows? My question is a perfect illustration of itself! That is, should I say << such ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Should an "and" be placed before the last item in a list if the item is followed by an "etc."?

Which of the following sentences is correct? There are several types of email uses, such as professional, personal, and promotional etc. There are several types of email uses, such as ...
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On the usage of "etcetera"

In Spanish, we use the word etcétera at the end of an enumeration to imply there are more things to mention, which may (or not) be important, but they will be omitted. Thus, I was fairly surprised ...
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Meaning of the valediction "Yours, &c."

When the valediction "Yours, &c" is used at the end of a letter (for example in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice), what is the "&c" standing in for? I realize that &...
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