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Apparently patent redundancy in a "because" construction [duplicate]

Sentences such as the following can be found (language log). The reason he left is because he was not respected. (1) They can be transformed as follows. He left [for the reason that/because] he was ...
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British equivalent of American "condo"?

In AmE, a condominium (or condo) is an apartment that you own. In BrE, the word flat is used instead of apartment. What is, then, the British equivalent of condo (i.e., a flat that you own)? Wikipedia ...
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Is there a good alternative to what the word "equivocate" seems to mean?

I thought "equivocate" means to make two concepts seem the same, or to compare them. Turns out "equivocate" just means "use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or ...
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What is the english equivalant of Tamil saying 'pul thadukki bayilvan'?

In Tamil, there is a saying புல் தடுக்கி பயில்வான் ( pul thadukki bayilvan ) that translates to something like below: A person who thinks himself as a wrestler but falling down even his legs ...
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Idiom about an equivalent explanation

When one asks for explanation of something, the other give an equivalent explanation. Examples: "the weather is hot because it is not cold", "I am smart because I am not stupid". So what is the common ...
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what to call same level descendants? [duplicate]

sisters and brothers are siblings. sisters and brothers from different sibling parents are cousins. what do you call after cousin? or in general, same level descendants, is there word for that?
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Word similar to well-read but in the context of songs

He is well-read in romantic literature and his brother is ....... in blues songs. Is there a word that can be used to convey the same idea as "well-read" but in the context of songs? In ...
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Field of vision equivalent for other senses? [closed]

Often we'll refer to something as being "in my field of vision". How would you refer to something in the "field" of what we can hear, smell, taste, or touch? Perhaps another way to put this question ...
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"...averted crash" vs. "...avoided crash"

In the usage given below, "avert" and "avoid" appear to mean the same thing: ...averted crash ...avoided crash The words "avert" and "avoid" are different and have their respective meanings. But,...
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Peaceably vs. Peacefully

What is the difference between "peaceably" and "peacefully"? I found the word "peaceably" in the following text: Where the access and use of light or air to and for any building have been ...
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Is there a phrase for "something good that doesn't last long"?

In Arabic, the expression "Summer cloud" is usually used to mean that "this is not going to last for a long time" or "it won't last as long as you think it will". Is there an equivalent phrase in ...
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National is to Nation as <what> is to State?

State-wide is the best I can come up with, but I think National has more significance that simply nation-wide, e.g. a National Treasure. Planning restrictions were eased for the new building as it ...
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equivalent vs equivalence

Which of the following is acceptable? That is a big dog. Its equivalent in size is a goat. That is a big dog. Its equivalence in size is a goat.
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Colorful English equivalent for the French expression "mine de capitaine"

Is there a colorful expression in English which equates to the French [avoir] une mine de capitaine? (Literally, to sport skipper's [glowing, healthy] looks) It is something that we say to someone ...
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Is 'We are for it' correct usage? [closed]

If war—or anything, for that matter—was impending, people might say "We are up for it," to hearten the spirits of everyone and to ready them for the coming conflict. 1: It looks like it is ...
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What is the female equivalent of "warlock"?

What is the female equivalent of a "warlock"? It seems that other male-only words for paranormal practitioners have female equivalents: Wizard/Witch Sorcerer/Sorceress Enchanter/Enchantress Warlock/???...
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English equivalent of "amae" (甘え) - the feeling of pleasurable dependence on another person

Amae is simply defined as the feeling of pleasurable dependence on another person but there is more to it. I'm including an example sentence for the sake of showing how the word can be used but this ...
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A dataset of equivalent English phrases?

There is a similarity or even equality between many sentences in English language such as: I happened to come across the scientific definitions while reading. I came across the scientific definitions ...
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Substituting "comes to" with "expresses as/as to" for equivalence

Ex. "passing the exam can be expressed as to get high marks above ten". I wanted to say "passing the exam comes to get high marks above ten" Is this sentence correct? How to use "" in ...
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Word for ability to understand, analyse and judge things

Is there one specific word in English to describe one's ability to understand, analyse and judge things? I'm trying to find an equivalence for 悟性 in English. Thanks.
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