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Are there more relative directions?

6 common relative directions are front, back, left, right, up, and down. Are there single word names for relative directions between those 6 directions (as in another word for a direction between ...
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Terminology for "line with orientation" [closed]

I'd like to know if there is a single word I could use to define a "line with an orientation". This question is related to the one in "Terminology for diagonal line that also indicates ...
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Can I say “bypass the building”?

One day at a bus stop near my office, a person asked me how to reach a shopping mall that is nearby. Since there recently is a new building site besides the bus stop, we cannot see the shopping mall ...
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What are analogous words to "occidental" and "oriental" for southern and northern? [duplicate]

Definitions Occidental: "1: relating to the countries of the West" Oriental: "1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the Orient, or East; Eastern." So, occidental is effectively a word that is a ...
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Why is text thought to be moving forward to our left while we write to our right?

Text to the left is said to be "leading" the text to our right, and text to the right is said to be "trailing" the text to our left. We also say the text to our left is "in front of" the text to our ...
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Road Direction Terms

1) What is the difference between Corner, Junction, Intersection, Crossroad and Crossing? As per google dictionary the definitions are: Corner - a place where two or more streets meet. Junction - a ...
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In "download", where does the "down" direction come from?

I just realized that the directions in "UPload" and "DOWNload" seem arbitrary to me as a non-native English speaker. I took a look at a couple of dictionaries and they said that this word is a result ...
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What is the correct visualization of "first left down the hallway"?

I hear a lot of native speakers say something like this: Once in the arena take first left down the hallway Take your first left down the hallway. When you come to the second floor, make a left and ...
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Left and right equivalent of "upward" and "downward"? [closed]

Is there any single-word equivalent for "upward" or "downward" but for to the left and to the right? For example: "Please move that piece to the left".
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Direction-most or Farthest / Furthest for cardinal points on a map?

I am creating an app which will allow the user to designate the bounds of the map. I will let them set the points most north, south, east, and west (latitude and longitude). I am wondering about the ...
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Why do we use back and forward instead of backward and forward?

In some English language user interfaces, both virtual and physical, the words back and forward are used instead of backward and forward. An easy example is the web browser, where the buttons to ...
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turn right backward or turn slightly right backward?

Please see the image. When giving directions, how should I describe what the arrow indicates on the road? My ideas are turn right backward turn slightly right backward I'm not sure if they make ...
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Words for north/south and east/west dimensions?

There is "length", "width", "height", "depth", etc but these words are all relative in respect to the current viewer. The width for one person could be the depth for another person (who is at a 90 ...
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"To look down the road" [duplicate]

In this sentence He went outside. He looked down the road. What is meant by down? I don't think he's in higher place.
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Up- vs Down-here

Geographically speaking, up is north and down is south (if that's wrong, my entire question is dumb). My friends keep saying they are doing something "down here" when they are actually talking about ...
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