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-ing word as modifier of a noun: Verb or attributive/deverbal Noun?

Note: I sat on this question for quite some time, but after wracking my brain on it for quite a while, I finally caved and decided to ask it as a question. When I say “dining room,” most people, I ...
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"this drug induces sleeping" or "this drug induces sleep"?

I seem to have heard both structures before, but I don’t understand which it would be. In other languages the second verb would be in the infinitive, but I have heard things like "Josh hates ...
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Plural forms of gerunds [duplicate]

In this sentence, the noun savings is in plural form: I have one savings account. It is like a gerund or maybe it is a gerund, I am not clear about it. But when I searched the Internet, I found ...
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Allow X: What’s the difference between "for the sharing of X" and "to share X"? Do they mean the same thing?

What is the difference between these two: Presentation events allow for the sharing of knowledge. Presentation events allow to share knowledge. Do they share the exact same meaning?
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Why can go take a gerund? (eg: go shopping; go fishing, go dancing)

I am trying to figure out why go can take a gerund, which is a verb doing the job of a noun, as an object yet the verb go is always intransitive and therefore cannot take an object. I need to make ...
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The gerund and its complementation

In what cases does the gerund stemming from a transitive verb take the direct object of that verb and when is a prepositional complement used? For example: Brown's deft painting of his daughter is ...
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Is '"snapshotting" a correct word? [closed]

For example, as part of the information message of some computer script: Snapshotting the file... Can we write snapshotting instead of taking the snapshot? Is it still correct? I've found an ...
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Can "Targetings" be a plural form of "Targeting" as a noun?

I understand words like "surrounding" can be "surroundings", or "binding" can be "bindings". But is it appropriate with "targeting" as a noun? Here is a recent headline - "UN chief calls for probe ...
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'eliminating, publicising, communicating, allocating': Are these words gerunds or participial adjectives?

Are these words gerunds or participial adjectives? Eliminating the secrecy surrounding pay by openly communicating everyone's remuneration, publicising performance bonuses and allocating annual ...
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Gerund vs Present Participle: "I was thinking about eating the apple."

A quick question that has popped up from talking with my German pen-pal. In the sentence: I was thinking about eating the apple. Is eating there a gerund or a present participle? If it is just: ...
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What’s the difference between “the using of this machine” and “using my neighbour’s wifi”?

Please consider these two different sentences*: I am aware of the using of this machine. I am accused of using my neighbour’s wifi. Why do we use the article the before the using in the first ...
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When does a gerund become a verb?

My question is a follow-up to one in which I identified stealing and killing in a particular sentence as gerunds. Bill J commented to the effect that if objects followed these gerunds, the latter ...
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Confused of three deverbal nouns in dictionary

I have learnt something about deverbal nouns before. a)These readings are quite interesting (Here it means books,refers to something) b)I did some reading of history books(Here it means the act, it ...
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Is there a form and/or synonym of "spelling" that can be put into an adverb position such as that of "grammatically"?

That is, how would I go about converting the word "spelling" (as in the spelling of a word) to an adverb that actually sounds right in the blank of "_____-inept"? I'm pretty sure "spellingly" isn't ...
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What is a gerund? A noun or a verb? 'His smoking upset me’

I've been studying the Huddleston and Pullum book for four months now. So far only one thing confuses me: the identity of gerund. Is it a noun or a verb? His constant smoking upset me. smoking ...
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Can a gerund be modified by an adjective?

Is the sentence below grammatically correct? Good writing requires hard work. Or should it read: Writing well requires hard work. Can a gerund be modified by an adjective or must it be ...
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