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"Company is" or "Company are"? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if "is" or "are" would be correct. I've written what I'm trying to say in 2 different ways; one being option A and the other being option B. Option A: 'What is the name of the company? ...
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which one is preferred? is or are [closed]

which one is correct in this sentence? is or are? The robust stability and stabilization of uncertain linear systems is/are investigated in this paper.
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Is a byte considered to be a datum or data?

Is a byte, a collection of 8 bits, considered to be a datum or data? I would assume a bit would unequivocally be considered a datum, but I've seen an individual integer referred to as a datum too. ...
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Amount of data or number of data?

The question of whether "data" is plural or not has been asked many times, and won't be repeated here. For this question, take data as a plural noun or mass noun. Is data a countable noun? Do I have ...
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"There is no data" or "there are no data"? [duplicate]

I'm building a web application and I need to let the user know when the page is empty because of a lack of data. What's the correct way to say that? There are no data... There is no data... Is ...
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Why is "data," of all the abstract nouns in English, considered plural?

Most, if not all, of the abstract nouns I've come across are singular. Examples: 1. My love for him is great. 2. Peace is very difficult to achieve. 3. The temperature of that pot is very high. So ...
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Data as a plural noun [duplicate]

In an academic writing, is it correct to make reference to "the data itself", being that data is a plural noun and itself is a singular pronoun?
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Data is/are in a global context

I have been commissioned to script a series of brief videos on the importance of data accuracy and consistency. The videos are directed to employees of a company with offices around the world—...
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